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Electroneum Prediction 2018

I've had many emails about my Electroneum post, it's amazing how popular cryptocurrency investing is becoming, and it's only the beginning.

In response to my predictions for 2018 stating the coin could settle between £1 and £10 a coin. Well, the demand for the coin, marketing deals signed and in the pipeline, the fact the APP's still got to launch on Apple, and the mining aspect to get started on both Android and Apple, along with being added to other exchanges, actually getting used in a variety of countries as an active currency to pay phone bills, and all kinds of business deals still to be agreed, this will in my opinion skyrocket this coin.

Just word that they had signed a deal with a leading telecom company yesterday made it jump from 7p to 15p a coin, and it's actually remained fairly steady at this price, and that's just one deal agreed!

electroneum prediction

When looking at predicting price rises for a coin, it's important to understand the market cap is not an indicator of how a coin will grow in value, it means market capitalization, not a cap on the amount. Too many people focus on this, which is quite literally taking your eye off the ball.

In the world of crypto given the tiny market share in comparison to fiat currency, and looking at all the other things that looked impossible, I don't think anything is impossible.

I stand by between £1.00 and £10.00 a coin being doable in 2018, but this of course is just my opinion.

Thanks for the advice on other reputable exchanges that are quick and easy.

Gemini I was informed seems to have a nice following. Unfortunately like many other exchanges, backlogged for verification. Kraken I've been told also looks good, so I'll be looking to register on both of these.

On a final note in this short post, Litecoin is still paused on Cryptopia for ETN purchasing, when it becomes available I'd expect the flood gates to open and the price to go up further as a result with the volume of Litecoin purchases.

Good explanation and rational in this video as to why LTC is paused.

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