Electroneum Could Make You Filthy Rich!

Electroneum is a new British cryptocurrency, and since its record breaking ICO (initial coin offering) launch, at the time of this post has risen in value over 1200%. It's otherwise known as ETN.


You can see today's graph below showing the steep increase in the price, so for those that got in touch on Wednesday and followed my advice to buy this coin, you're now showing an impressive return on investment.

The reason for the huge price increase today is due to a deal being signed with a leading telecom company, which will integrate the mining app and also accept the coin as payment. This is a massive step forward not only for Electroneum, but for cryptocurrency in general.

I've had a lot of emails about cryptocurrency and spent most of today replying, so let me detail below exactly how you can buy this coin and benefit from from what I feel is inevitable growth.

My prediction, and this is only my opinion, but during 2018 it's possible for Electroneum to end up between a £1.00, and £10.00 a coin. It's presently at 12p, and I bought it for less than a penny a few months ago.


Let me cut through the confusion about how to purchase this coin and help you get started before you miss the boat.

Firstly, since the ICO sale ended, you now need to buy some cryptocurrency from another exchange such as Coinbase, which is the one I recommend.

If you use the hyperlink to Coinbase (shameless plug), then we both actually get some free Bitcoin, so it's win win for both of us!

Let's begin:

Step One: Sign up for Coinbase and pass their registration checks. They are busy at the moment so expect possible delays with this, but persevere is my advice. It's the most downloaded APP on the app and play store, and Electr