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Pre-Race Trading Challenge +98% Growth

Not quite the 100% total growth I said I'd reach before my next post, but near enough as I want to let everyone know I'm aiming to release the pre-race trading guide later this week.

I've got a few more videos to record and some editing to go through which all takes time, so please bear with me as I'm a detail freak. As stated in a previous post, the guide will focus primarily on how I identify the trading opportunities, but also cover the basics of trading for beginners.

I managed to slot in 3 days trading since my last post. The results breakdown is below, with screen shots and daily profit & loss:

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £175.96

No. Days Date P&L

15 15th Nov £3.85

16 22nd Nov £6.99

17 4th Dec £10.87


New Total £197.67

5% Per Trade Amount Now £9.88

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