Day 3 of The £100 Challenge +16% Profit

After three days pre-race trading using just a £100 start bank, and 5% of balance pre trade, the overall investment is up by 16%. 

Deducting Betfair's commission per day, the total is now £116.01.  

Daily Profit & Loss 

Day 1 +£6.88

Day 2 +£5.29

Day 3 +£3.84

Day 3, Thursday 5th Oct was a tricky day, with some trades I could have hedged earlier to increase profit, but I held out for more which just didn't come, other trades I just managed to get out before they drifted to a loss, also races where I've simply been unable to be matched. 

This is the nature of the beast though, and given I'm 16% up overall after a few days, I obviously can't complain. 

The P&L screen shots below show the amounts I've been able to scalp per trade.  I'll keep this post updated every few days. 

swing trading