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Win & Place Betting With A Purpose

For a very long time I've been win & place betting on UK horse racing, and I have to say with a lot of success, but never using an incremental growth staking system.

I've been making some very decent returns with my daily win & place bets, and after giving it a lot of thought decided to add them to the site, but with an exponential staking approach to grow a balance,

I've always just placed these bets either direct or using a betting bot wherever I may be, and withdrawn the profits weekly or monthly, never doing it to grow a betting bank as I do with my other systems. I guess because it's rather more scatter gun style, with a lot of bets placed daily across the markets.

The results have always been consistently solid, so with a more sensible approach this will be a profitable betting system. It also runs on the Betfair exchange, although you can of course seek better odds elsewhere if you can find them, and run it through a standard bookmaker site that offers place market betting not each way, like Bet365 etc. This is completely your call, I do use Bet365 myself from time to time for remote football league betting, it's one of the few bookies that's not banned me, yet.

place bets

Win bets of course can be placed anywhere, although I do personally use Betfair, and my results when published will show bets placed a couple of minutes or so before the races were due to start using Betfair

I will also be encouraging regular withdrawal points with this system, so at specific target amounts we can all enjoy the fruits of our work, banking some actual real money (not just numbers on a screen), and treat ourselves, pay some bills, whatever takes our fancy.

The idea is to withdraw half each time the bank doubles, so as it increases over time so does our excitement (and power to spend money before we have it) at the prospect of banking a more sizable amount each withdrawal.

As mentioned above, this has always been one of my monthly income based systems, something I withdraw for fun. So, with a bit more structure it can be applied as a longer term plan, but still with the fun factor.

I'll be adding this around mid-December, and posting some recently recorded results over the next week or so. As always, any questions please let me know.

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