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TPD & Fairbot In Play Bet Update

I've uploaded four more in play bets to You Tube, in fact just a whistle stop run through to show the P&L progress, and the bet activity using TPD Bet Mover and Fairbot.

Here is today's short video showing my recent in play bets placed using these platforms.

Hopefully you enjoy seeing the bets going on, and this also acts as a public record of my in play betting progress, to get the £500 balance doubled, trebled, or quadrupled, before I collate all the activity for the In Play Bet Guide.

You can register for an invitation to access the guide here:

I need to get up to four in play bets a day minimum, and do that two to three days a week.

My betting activity has to show that level of regularity, in order to make it worth your while from a financial perspective. From September I'll step up to that volume.

It's been a mad busy August, and not over yet for me with a long list of to do's to finish.

I'll take what I've been able to produce this month as a good step forward, add to it as much as possible, then get serious with the bet volumes from next month onwards. As I want enough content and solid betting progress demonstrated to complete the for you guide as soon as possible.

In the video you can see I placed four bets, two using Bet Mover, and two with Fairbot.

If you want to join Bet Mover you can do so here:

This is my code to give you 10% off your first month: EXPOBET

Using the code is free for you, and it helps support the You Tube channel. As I aim to produce more, and hopefully much better content.

If you don't want to use the code that's no problem at all, and I will still get as much free content online as I possibly can.

Just a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE is enough thanks if that's all you can do, I genuinely appreciate it.

If you want to join Fairbot, you can sign up for the first 15 days free to try here:

This is my affiliate link, so again you will be helping the channel at no extra cost, but if you prefer not to, please go direct to Fairbot and sign up there, no problem whatsoever.

Ideally soon I'll have some clever automation to share with you with Fairbot, as it's a lot more than it first appears to be.

You can expect more live in play betting content before the end of this month, then as mentioned above, from September I'll put two to three days aside each week to ramp up the bet volume.

Thank you


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