Sure Favs +162 Points Update

The image below shows Sure Favs Foundation with a side by side comparison using BSP or Exchange betting selected. Both of which are available for members to select within the bot.

Sure Favs is an automated favourite backing service operating using Cloud Bet Bot at Exponential Bet, find out more here:

Sure Favs Foundation 1.6.20 to 6.12.20.

exchange betting system

You can see on the top left BSP & MTP with the points, race stats below them, ie Points, Race Bets, Wins, Losses, Strike Rate etc.

Exchange betting is represented as MTP (Minutes To Post), which is when the automated bets check the odds and filters to see if they qualify as a valid bet, and then begin firing them to the betting exchange.

BSP betting is when you bet according to Betfair Starting Price, which is the price of each selection at the exact moment the race starts.

The Blue Line on the graph represents betting with Exchange (MTP) selected.

The Green Line on the graph represents betting with BSP selected.

Typically with most services the two lines will be closely matched, but with Sure Favs Foundation due to the nature of the betting it's been revealed the Exchange (MTP) option is presently performing a lot better.

What I mean is the bets are placed for this service after the race is due to start, precisely minus 1.07 minutes past post time.

In some instances this will mean the horses being loaded to the stalls may take their time and the race can be very late starting.

The price on the favourite will either drift in this time from the exchange odds taken at the time the bet are presented to Betfair, ie MTP, in which case we'd get more value with BSP selected given the odds at the time the race starts compared to when the bet was presented to Betfair would be higher.

What happens more often than not as you can see represented in the results published above, is the horse will be punted to a lower price, or traded down in odds as the market is held open for longer.

With the trackside pundits often talking up the chances of the favourite for longer, and as such creating an emotional surge of interest to drive the odds on the selection down.