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Result Update & News 25th July

Today is the first day I've tested completely clear for Covid which I'm obviously very happy about. The past couple of weeks have been an exhausting haze, and I've been unable to really do anything apart from spend my time recovering.

The extreme heatwave over the two days were my lowest point as I could hardly breath, but since then I've gradually been picking up and inching back to being able to work again, which officially I have restarted today by updating the site results and posting this blog.

Hardly a lot in the grand scheme of things, but still five hours work and enough for me to feel good that I am working again.

This bout of Covid just wiped me out completely, and also triggered my heart arrhythmia to return I'd had corrected back in November last year. Now I'm officially Covid free I'm hopeful to return to a normal sinus rhythm naturally with no need for another procedure, fingers crossed.

Losing two weeks work and having to claw back my fitness to where I was a fortnight ago is something I'll do in baby steps while I am in AF. I can feel my heart fluttering now as I type after just this small amount of exertion today, I'm also as weak as a kitten after the Covid, so I need to gradually extend my activities each day and build my strength back to a decent level.

Covid and AF are not a good mix, but on a positive note I just now have to shake the AF, and at least I'm working again which feels amazing.

The weekly results I've done for the past fortnight as last week I couldn't do them, so you will see on each of the service pages under the weekly section the result range covers the 11th to 24th July. This will be just for this week only and from next back to weekly updates.

The detailed overview and ratchet figures are also fully updated to the end of play yesterday.

I've put the past couple of weeks Automated Strategy Results below in order of how they performed from best to worst:

11th July to 24th July

Place Lay Multi Exchange Straight +27.92

lay betting system

Place Lay Multi for exchange straight staking has now hit a new profit high since it began betting from December 2021. You can see this from the detailed overview results on the Place Betting page.

Place Lay Multi Liability Betting +10.34

make money online

Racing Lays Exchange Straight +9.14

betfair betting system

Place Back Multi Target Profit +8.57

place betting system

Bet Focus Exchange Straight +7.18

value betting

Racing Lays Liability +2.88

lay bet

Sure Favs Main +2.53

favourite backing system

Place Back Multi Exchange Straight +1.12

Bet Focus Target Profit +1.05

Place Lay Single Liability Betting +0.12

Sure Favs Foundation Target Profit -0.42

Place Lay Single Exchange Straight -0.61

Sure Favs High -3.29

Sure Favs Foundation Exchange Straight -4.08

Overall a profitable fortnight with the stand of course Place Lay Multi doing very well. Which if you look at the current Ratchet cycle results for this service it's currently at +55.50 points profit betting exchange straight and 1% ratchet activated.

ratchet betting

Sure Favs Main continues to make slow and steady profits as well ratchet betting using 1% over the four days the strategy operates, and has banked +21.05 points profit during the current cycle.

ratchet betting system

Racing Lays has also been gradually recovering from a poor start during the three month ratchet period, and could finish the cycle with a decent profit come the end of August.

Place Back Multi is also another to mention that has done exactly that so far, and now showing a good profit for target profit betting in particular.

All the results are published on site and available to view. Simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu, and then from the drop down choose the service you wish to examine in more detail.

Remember if you are thinking of joining and running more than one strategy concurrently the One Subscription is always the most value for money. You can find details of this and all the membership options here:

Okay that's it from me today, I've about reached my physical first day back limit.

Tomorrow I'll be back on the In Play Bet Club start up, and today all the results on site are up to date.

In Play Bet Club members I'll have a progress report for you next week. I need a good week of catch up under my belt to have a better idea when I'll have the data accumulation finished, and what date we can now be looking at to start live betting. This week will be a good test for me after losing two weeks due to illness.

Just as a matter of interest, my old mate Nick who uses Bet Mover has been working testing the selection method for In Play Bet Club for me for the past month or so, as he visited me a couple of weeks before I caught Covid and I walked him through how to do it to the letter.

Nigel keeps track of how members of Bet Mover are doing as he has a natural competitive streak, and since I taught Nick how to bet using the same selection method I'll be applying for members, he has become the most successful Bet Mover user with the best overall stats, ie lowest odds, return on investment etc.

That's exactly what I expected to happen to be fair and having Nick bet using the current live market and achieve these results, while I catch up with the data accumulation and demonstrate with a solid evidence foundation how good it is, just double confirms to me the process is unique and incredibly effective.

He's also enjoying the bet process a lot more and volume, ie applicable bets each day are no longer a concern as he now covers flat and jump meetings.

I thought I'd share this info with you and his progress to give you an idea of the effectiveness of the selection method we'll be using once we get started. I'll request some of his betting videos to demonstrate, and when we get going I'll include some of my own when I'm testing the copy bet software.

To be top of the 'Nigel' leader board so to speak running the new In Play Bet Club criteria across all meetings is impressive, and with low odds and high bet volumes, which was the goal of running the data assessment to move to this.

As I mentioned in my last In Play Bet Club update to members I'll provide the spreadsheet with my own results and filters for you to play with, so you will be able to see before we start betting how effective the method is at finding consistently profitable in play bets.

I will be releasing an In Play Guide, but for now the prime focus is of course betting for members of the club asap.

I cannot wait to get the in play club off and running to reach the twelve points target profit as regularly as possible.

Even more so after reading the current scaremongering regarding the cost of living going up, because as long as we can bet using the Betfair exchange and I can consistently bank profits for members, that is at least something I can do to help combat this with tax free profits.

I can sense a seismic rant coming on about the current price hikes, but I've not got the physical energy to get it off my chest at the moment, so I will definitely leave it here for now and come back to this in another post.

Thanks for reading today, I'll be back next week with another update. If you have any questions please get in touch anytime.


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