Result Update 21st March

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 21/03.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

Before I get to today's overview of the weekly results, I just want to let you know I'll be getting back to trading again and boosting the free content available during April.

I've been asked a lot recently about this and when I'll be uploading to the free trade method 1, and making more trade content available in general. Rest assured it's on my radar and I'll be covering a range of options and software to utilise.

Last week Sure Favs Foundation made a profit, along with Lay Dutch Main and Racing Lays Main both Fixed Stake and Fixed Liability. 

Bet Focus Straight Betting also made a profit, with MTP doing a few points better than BSP's finishing total, but could have returned more had it not been for the last race of the day today.

Bet Focus Target Profit however did very well overall, so a good week especially if Ratchet staking with that strategy option.  

Lay Dutch Main Fixed Stake generated the most money over the seven days.

Sure Favs Foundation Target Profit and Lay Dutch High Fixed Stake and Fixed Liability all broke even on the week.

Sure Favs Main & High along with Racing Lays High and +5 Stop and all Bet Advantage options High Medium and Low made a loss overall on the week, with the biggest loser being Bet Advantage High.

It was interesting to see how the services performed this week with Cheltenham running, as overall major events have some impact on the automated betting performance.

The previous week we did a lot better with the most money returned for Sure Favs specifically, which is also interesting data for me to track for future developments with these services.  As a week before run up to a major event both trainers and jockeys will operate differently.

All good information for us to capitalise on over the years ahead, as we've still less than twelve months of results recorded with the automated services, and the more data any service accumulates over time will make it more effective at building a balance. 

Later next month we'll have some news regarding place betting automation, which I'll keep you posted as things develop.  This will be added as a new stand alone automated strategy, but included of course with the One Subscription plans. 

I'll be working fulltime again from Wednesday next week recording more In Play Betting videos to upload and will email again when they are available.

Bet Advantage and Lay Dutch videos I'm aiming to be published before the end of this month.