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Result & News Update 1st August

I've got some catching up to do for time lost due to illness, but I am making up the work and steadily getting back on target.

For this reason I will keep today's news post brief and explain where I'm up to with the In Play Bet Club data.

Firstly to let you know the results for the Automated Strategies are updated to include the detailed overview, weekly numbers, and ratchet figures. I will add the monthly stats in next weeks update.

To view the results for each service visit Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, then from the drop down select the service you wish to examine in more detail.

It was another profitable week for Sure Favs Main, with High also making a very good profit.

Sure Favs Main & High 25th to 31st July made an accumulated profit betting MTP 1 point per bet +17.68 points.

Racing Lays continued its recovery with another profit banked, but it didn't make it easy, as did Place Back Multi which is also regularly showing a good upward profit curve.

Bet Focus also did very well last week, which is something I mentioned about a month ago for this service and the run of racing coming up to suit it. I expect it to start making a regular profit now, and it has done exactly that since being highlighted.

Place Lay Single broke even, and Place Lay Multi dropped points last week. The figures for the week with the stats and graph showing services that did well and those which dipped are all available on the each of the strategy pages under the weekly section.

In Play Bet Club, I am working to get back to where I was pre illness, and making decent progress to be able to start live betting for members soon. I cannot wait, as the historical data accumulation is exhausting work.

Yesterday I managed to clear through eleven days betting within BM, the day before got through seven days. It may not sound a lot, but it's a full 12 hours work to do this, and some days depending on the volume of racing within the software, it can take half a day to run through just one applicable day if everything qualifies.

Moving to live betting will give me back my personal routine instead of days of data gathering, and of course allow me to live bet for you and generate an income for both of us. I am so close to this now.

However, I haven't come this far with the data analysis to start rushing to finish it and compromising quality, that would of course defeat the object.

All I can do is put in more hours and catch up for lost time and then finish the job as quick as possible.

The good news is that as much as I'm not physically 100% there yet, I am still able to work to full capacity again, which clicked back into place over the past couple of days.

Yesterday being a milestone covering eleven days recording bets over busy days, and still updating the service results on site before calling it a day. That's a ton of work, and a sign I'm coming back to form. We will be live betting for In Play Bet Club members soon.

We do have Nigel away at the moment on holiday in Scotland and he won't be back until the 8th August, so no bets will take place until then anyway, given I need him available as IT support before we commence placing the bets.

This ideally gives me the time to get the analysis up to date and share it with you before we get started.

Then assessing it and sharing it with members. I will do this via the remote login area.

On a side note, I stopped posting in the member section due some members finding it difficult to login, ie copy and paste a password, which is nothing to do with the functionality of the platform, but I could not afford the time hand holding each time I posted a new update.

When I upload the data I've accumulated from betting analysis I will create a new area that will have just one login password for In Play Bet Club members to solve this issue, and this is where my live betting reports and news updates will go each week, month etc.

Just a final message to all In Play Bet Club members before I crack on and make a dent in the workload.

We're very nearly ready to go live and start betting for you. I cannot wait for this, and the time spent on the data assessment now means we can can bet and profit all year round. This is using the same selection method over flat and jump racing that's come from this time spent data accumulating. All of which you will have access to before we go live. It's been a long road, but time well spent I can assure you, and we're approaching the start line.

The goal for the In Play Bet Club is to profit consistently each betting cycle and reach target fast and often.

For the first year of betting I will do this as often as possible with as few breaks as I can manage.

The time and effort Nigel and myself have put in to make this work and the plans we have to make it even better are for your benefit, and to make it more effective from an admin point of view for us.

The data assessment has given us a way to bet more in qualifying races and with more time in the race to place up to four bets to reach max liability, which has definitely increased our chances of doing this.

For me personally I can't wait to get into this routine now as it's been a long time coming due to a few illnesses and moving house, but it's now imminent, and we're very close to starting this betting cycle.

We will do this with a high volume of betting activity, and ideally reach a point where we are hitting target profit on average every four weeks.

I'll leave it here for now and be in touch next week when Nigel is back, and aim have the data accumulation completed by then.

The timeline after that is to assess the data myself and take some time to drill through it with my pre determined filters, as I am recording every day and race applicable at this moment and it does need some refinement.

Then share it with you, test the software ready to live bet for everyone, take on data feedback from members and possibly adjust, then prepare and start live betting.

Exciting times and good profits for all In Play Bet Club members, and for the Automated Strategies they continue to produce long term profits with record high points being recorded monthly.

Thanks for reading. Any questions let me know.


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