Place Betting Monthly Breakdown

In today's post I look at the month by month results for Place Betting so far.

I've left the Ratchet monthly results out of this post, as whenever you personally commence betting this dictates your own story more than ever with that bet option. It is difficult to assess month by month as one leads into the other as the balance increases.

I feel this has been demonstrated in the previous two blog posts for Sure Favs and Bet Focus how Ratchet can look from a standing start.

Within today's place betting update I've added the Individual Monthly Performance so you can see what month won or lost and by how much.

I'll add this to each service page next week when I upload the results so you can then follow at a glance or track over time how many winning and losing months we have, including the profit and loss for each.

The new Annual Predicted Points Profit amounts have now been added to each service page, along with my Recommended Minimum Points Allocation within the System Overview bullet points.

If you navigate to the service you're interested in from the main menu under Betting Strategies and look under the graph and stats for the results you will find a System Overview for each option.

There you will find the recommended minimum points and predicted returns for a full 12 months betting. Depending whenever you start betting this is what you should look at when deciding what strategy to follow, how much money to divide into points, and what target amount of point profit I expect the service to make over a 12 month period.

This has all been derived from development testing, live betting result assessment, and taking into account trend analysis updates.

Over the remaining couple of weeks in May I'll also upload to the site a Video FAQ I've been working on. This will answer the most commonly asked questions in detail.

For everyone that's already up and running this may or may not be too useful, but if you're thinking of joining, possibly want to include more strategies to your membership, or even switch services this could be helpful.