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In Play Bet Club News & Monthly Results 8th August

Dictionary Definition:

grind: noun

  1. 2. hard dull work. "relief from the daily grind"

I certainly need some relief from the grind I have put in so far, and especially last week to bring the In Play Bet Club data up to date. I went into double shift overload in an attempt to catch up from lost time and did get a lot more done.

It is rewarding as I can obviously see the benefit of putting in the hard yards, but the same repetitive process each day from morning till night to gather the data, that repetition is the grind.

This data gathering will be a launch pad for the service, and the foundation to consistently make us a regular profit, so I push on to reach this point asap, and get as much work done as possible each day.

I'm very nearly there with it, I can literally see the end in sight, and looking at what's left I think about a week and a half should do it to have the accumulation done, but possibly just a week depending on the run of racing, ie qualifying bets.

I'm not looking for sympathy, but if you want to give it I'll take it, as it has been 12 hour days until my mouse hand seizes up, and will continue to be this way until I'm done. I'm on a mission.

I do make sure to get out for some fresh air at least once a day for the dog walk, here's a photo from yesterday. This is right opposite my house, so I am pretty lucky in the grand scheme of things having such a beautiful location to stretch my legs and relax the brain.

Let's see who can spot Fern our English Pointer without zooming in. She is there, but well disguised.

English Pointer

I'll also take a few days rest before we begin live betting to recharge the batteries from the data accumulation brain drain, as I am in need of it to be honest. Feeling a little frazzled, but still get plenty in the tank to finish this hard job.

My life is on hold while I do this work, and other projects or admin that needs my attention is being spread thinly around it.

It will as they say be worth it in the end.

I've nothing else to report until I finish the data accumulation for In Play Bet Club today, other than we're getting close, and that symbolises getting my life back.

The reason this has taken so long is because I underestimated the sheer volume of qualifying races I'd need to record for the data, I had no clue until I began, and then realised I'd set myself up for a monumental job.

The process of watching the races and then recording the qualifying bets in to a spreadsheet that has to include multiple filters for me to then go back and assess, this is a massive amount of work when there are so many bets that do tick the boxes.

It's great for us as we will have a high bet volume and never be short of qualifying bet options, but working from the 1st December 2021 to the present day race by race manually inputting each bet option, that is a huge task let me tell you.

In addition to this I've had some health problems as you will know with Covid and my heart issue, plus we also had some glitches with Betfair changing the code that caused a lot more work. Both of these things are just par for the course, as IT is an ever changing beast, and I am only human.

The final and most important reason this has taken longer than expected is because I need to feel good in my heart and soul about betting for you, what will give me the most satisfaction in my life is making you money on a regular basis.

I want to do this with a well organised set up from the start that is good for business and my health.

What will give me this is obviously having a structure I stick to each working day, and a process I know works based on true data. That could only come from going back and recording this race by race as it would be live.

This is why such meticulous detail is going into the prep, and why I am not rushing any aspect.

When it is set up and running it will just require me to be at my desk during working hours following the set selection method, and it will then operate for a long time without interruption, like my automated services do.

Let me be completely upfront about what I want from the In Play Bet Club more than anything else, I want the feel good factor.

That is my honest and genuine reward for doing this for you, the shekels I get paid for memberships keep a roof over my head and allow me the time to create this service.

When this is set up and running delivering target profits I will go from feeling knackered as I do now putting in the hard hours with the set up, to feeling energised and good in my heart that I'm doing something positive for my members. What more do I need as long as my bills are paid, that is the most important aspect for me without a doubt, I need to feel good about this project and it has to be a financial positive for my members.

I want this set up to make money for members again and again each cycle, which is why I need the foundation solid with complete control of the selections and no grey area. Purely data driven.

The In Play Bet Club I want to be a run using a set template of simple to follow triggers fuelled by the data analysis, as this removes the emotion, and opens up much more scope to bet with confidence and a broad view.

We won't be betting reactively, or depending on what mood I'm in that day, or leaving things open to subjectivity, and I won't be missing triggers to bet based on opinions, as they will all be structured be a reason why the bet qualified or it didn't.

There is a lot to be said for sipping gin in the garden with Bet Mover on your laptop and making fly by the seat of your pants decisions, and that can without doubt be profitable.

I want structure, and I want to know what I am doing when I set up for every day's betting, what strategy I am following to the letter, and what days and hours work best. This means when we do lose a bet I know why, and I also know that we will make more profit to cancel this out, and return our target profit within reasonable staking levels over time. Based on the data.

That removes the emotion, and what I always hear from people who aren't set up this way when they hit a losing bet, as the next bets are affected due to the emotion impacting future decision making.

If you put yourself in my shoes, I'm placing thousands of pounds for members each time I bet, so I don't want emotion with my decisions, I want structure based on data.

This is why so much time, effort, and compromise is going into prepping the foundation for the selection method.

Also, from a routine and health perspective I am planning ahead, as I will be working over set days and hours each week to hit target, and that gives me the personal structure I need to have a healthy mind and body. That is a positive for the long term operations of the service keeping me fresh and available to bet.

Having that feel good factor of making you a consistent profit every betting cycle is without any question why I am doing this first and foremost. It's the prime reason I want this to be not just a flash in the pan run of wins then onto something else, but instead something that runs for many years built on success.

I think you can see this with the way I have developed my automated strategies, they took time to get started, and I needed to have the vision and pig headedness to keep them on course and pushing through the hard periods.

As they began as a fresh idea and needed the data to build them to what they are today, and what they are set to become over the years ahead as we accumulate more data. Now they are set up in a way where the longer they operate the data dictates the improved performance.

This is represented in the results, but they are different to In Play Bet Club as they are long term investments. Like holding an asset that will reach a target cash out amount in the future.

Whereas In Play Bet Club is 100% income based. Reinvestment is possible, but only to a limit at Tier 3, and it is geared toward reaching target profits for regular cash outs.

However, the same data growth will apply with In Play Bet Club, as the more we bet the service will over time improve due to the continual data collation and assessments. I will use the data accumulation in the same way, and each cycle program this into any applicable updates.

I will give you another update on my progress toward the completion of the data gathering next week, but I do expect it to take about another week and a half based on last weeks mega grind to bring it up to where I'm at right now.

Then as explained last week I'll spend time assessing it and presenting my analysis to you via a secure website login, and we will from there prepare to begin live betting.

If you wish to register for an invitation to join In Play Bet Club should spaces become available, you can do so via the page link below. You will find the register option at the base of the page.

I have no date when spaces will become available, but if you're not on the list you won't receive an invitation, so if you're interested in joining make sure to register.

Automated Betting Results & Monthly Assessment

The results for all the services are updated and available to view at Exponential Bet. Simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu and the service you wish to examine in more detail via the drop down option.

The weekly, monthly, detailed overview, and ratchet figures are all up to date to the end of play yesterday.

Last week Racing Lays did very well with +15 points profit betting exchange straight (MTP), and finished as the most profitable betting strategy.

This is on the back of a recent good run of form that's so far recovered the balance from the three month ratchet cycle to a profit, but we still need this to continue to surpass our most recent profit high point for the service.

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight

You can view all the updated weekly results on the individual strategy pages including the full overview and ratchet numbers from the Betting Strategy drop down.

A Look at July's Automated Betting

I'm short on time today as I need to get back to my in play data assessment, so I've listed below the results for each strategy, and most bet options for July 2022.

I thought it would make it easier for you to assess how we got on over the month having everything in one place. It was overall a very profitable month for most of the fully automated strategies

Sure Favs Main - Exchange Straight

Sure Favs High - Exchange Straight

Sure Favs Foundation - Exchange Straight

Bet Focus - Exchange Straight

Place Back Multi - Exchange Straight

Place Back Multi - Target Profit

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight

Place Lay Multi - Liability Betting

Place Lay Single - Exchange Straight

Place Lay Single - Liability Betting

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight

Racing Lays - Liability Betting

As much as I write a lot of content over a month within the news blogs it's always good to let the numbers speak for themselves.

The results for July cover a lot of betting for each service, decent profits returned fully automated and working within recommended points, with some ups and downs, but show very well what's involved with the betting process, and why I have the points allocations for each service.

You can read more about this on each of the service pages, and there is a video showing bot and staking set up available.

If you are looking to join Exponential Bet and want to operate more than one strategy at once, the One Subscription plan options definitely give more value for money.

You can find the different membership deals here:

We finish the current quarterly Ratchet betting cycle this month, so I'll do a complete run down like I have above for this at the start of September.

That's it from me today, thanks for reading. If you have any questions please let me know.

Best Regards


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