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Important News Update 13th September

A short but important news bulletin today.

I'm delighted to report I'll have a temp office set up in the approx 14 days, which means I can start the In Play Bet Club once in place.

The completion date for my new permanent office is delayed until January 2022, so I made the decision last week to find a temp space for 5 months and finish scheduled work while launching the in play service.

I've a lot of people waiting for my new content and the in play club, so this will now be able to proceed without further delay.

In other news, each Automated Betting Strategy now operates from Monday to Sunday.

This requires no action from members and is a hugely positive update to the services.

It means seven days a week depending on qualifying racing ticking all the boxes there will be bets placed for each strategy.

I am 100% confident this will create more winning days overall for each service, and when looking at the shift to full time Mon to Sun betting in comparison to set days betting, in a couple of months I'll be able to demonstrate this and show it with data.

This will be covered in tomorrow's news post so you know what to expect, but nothing beats an actual history of live bets under our belts for me to show how each service has improved overall and become more productive.

There will still be the usual winning and losing periods over the timeline that require sensible points allocations, this will never be any different. These are automated betting systems and that's just common sense.

However, the current advised points set up does not need to be changed at all even though we're betting over a 7 day week, and in fact if you follow the suggested allocation for any of the services the new bet rota will mean even less drawdown and added security with your bets.

We will be operating at a lower drawdown, with more win days, higher ROI, less bets required to hit target, better recovery after losses, and more opportunity to bet with a steadier line of growth over the months and years ahead.

This comes as a result of positive Researcher analysis, the tool that automates the betting for Cloud Bet Bot.

I'll definitely explain in more detail with tomorrow's news update what this means, giving you examples of what to expect for each strategy, and how this is a game changing huge positive for every member running the automated betting strategies.

The detailed stat analysis I mentioned recently can now be done using video when I'm in the temp office, and will be so much better to explain this way compared to a long text and image driven post. Bear with me on this a tad longer please., and I'll also deliver the long awaited Video FAQ when in the new place.

Additionally, I'll have last weeks results for all services updated and included in the results either later this evening, but likely tomorrow latest when I post the news blog.

I've been overloaded the past seven days so please accept my sincere apologies if I don't finish the full result update later this evening.

Its been a case of trying to sort the new home and office to enable me to be more productive, and at last I've made progress. Whoever said moving house was one of the most stressful things to do was dead right.

It will be a relief to be set up properly again in the temp office, albeit for five months until I move permanently, but I can do a lot in five months.

Having the In Play Bet Club launch for members on the invite list, and adding the useful free content to help get the most out the services are top of my priority list.

It's all about making money, and when money is involved being in the know is vital for long term success and helps avoid incorrect decisions being made.

Having a clear understanding just makes everyone feel better, relaxed, and confident in what they are doing.

This is my priority once in the new office, and then I can get into the in play service and start building the Betfair balance for my members.

I'll have the results done for tomorrow as promised, and the news blog with examples showing how the automated services will benefit massively from the seven day a week schedule.

Thank you for reading


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