Expo News 30th November

In today's news post:

  • Reset your Ratchet instructions for Place Betting Members.

  • Automated Betting Strategy weekly round up of last weeks betting activity.

  • A brief catch up.

Reset Your Ratchet - Place Betting Members Only

If you operate any place betting service with Ratchet selected it's important you stick to the quarterly reset plan, which we now have to implement at the end of today's betting.

The period you're now resetting is the September, October, November quarterly betting using 1% Ratchet.

You do this by accessing your bot screen via Cloud Bet Bot for the service you're operating the Ratchet stake plan. In other words, login to the bot, access your bot screen for the service, ie Place Lay Multi, Place Back Multi, or Place Lay Single.

If you look at the Bets Placed section to the right you will see Clear Bets as shown below, which after today's racing has finished, or ahead of tomorrow's racing you simply need to click Clear Bets, then confirm when prompted, and that's it you're done.

Your Ratchet will then reset to the amount it started at the beginning of the quarter, and you're ready to build a new Ratchet balance over December, January, February until the next quarterly reset.

You do not need to adjust your staking at all, just reset by clearing bets.

The number next to your Ratchet amount on the bot screen will either disappear or change to zero, and you will know this has been done.

Make sure you do this for all Place Betting services you have a Ratchet running, even if you have not been placing bets for the entire quarter and joined during this period.

You can then start a new quarter in line with my published results each week.