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Expo News 30th November

In today's news post:

  • Reset your Ratchet instructions for Place Betting Members.

  • Automated Betting Strategy weekly round up of last weeks betting activity.

  • A brief catch up.

Reset Your Ratchet - Place Betting Members Only

If you operate any place betting service with Ratchet selected it's important you stick to the quarterly reset plan, which we now have to implement at the end of today's betting.

The period you're now resetting is the September, October, November quarterly betting using 1% Ratchet.

You do this by accessing your bot screen via Cloud Bet Bot for the service you're operating the Ratchet stake plan. In other words, login to the bot, access your bot screen for the service, ie Place Lay Multi, Place Back Multi, or Place Lay Single.

If you look at the Bets Placed section to the right you will see Clear Bets as shown below, which after today's racing has finished, or ahead of tomorrow's racing you simply need to click Clear Bets, then confirm when prompted, and that's it you're done.

Your Ratchet will then reset to the amount it started at the beginning of the quarter, and you're ready to build a new Ratchet balance over December, January, February until the next quarterly reset.

You do not need to adjust your staking at all, just reset by clearing bets.

The number next to your Ratchet amount on the bot screen will either disappear or change to zero, and you will know this has been done.

Make sure you do this for all Place Betting services you have a Ratchet running, even if you have not been placing bets for the entire quarter and joined during this period.

You can then start a new quarter in line with my published results each week.

That's all you need to do for each place bet strategy running a Ratchet stake at the end of today's racing, or before tomorrow's racing starts.

Automated Betting Strategy Weekly Round Up

Some of you may know that I'm not supposed to be working this week which I'll explain in more detail in the catch up below, but I have updated the weekly results to include the numbers from last weeks betting on site.

I started these from my hospital bed over the weekend (what a hero), and just completed them today.

You can view the results at any time by visiting Exponential Bet and from the main menu select Betting Strategies.

This will open up a drop down menu and you simply select the service you wish to examine the results for.

I'll have the month by month numbers updated when I publish next weeks news post, which will be on Monday or Tuesday.

Overall last week we made a profit with all but two services and three options.

What finished in profit:

Lay Dutching and Racing Lays all options did very good and returned double figures for the straight staking plans, and made good money for the liability options also.

This is a fine run of form for the two strategies that have been on the up four concurrent weeks since receiving the trend update to the filters process, so its no coincidence.

Bet Advantage and Sure Favs High also made a profit last week, with three from the last four weeks making money and one week a break even over this period.

Sure Favs Foundation straight staking had a profitable week along with the target profit option.

Bet Focus straight staking did very well returning over twenty points profit, with the target profit option just finishing with a slight increase.

Place Lay Multi defied the trend and as covered last week seems to have reached the bottom of its curve, making a small but significant profit to move the balance in the right direction, and for a change the liability option made more money than straight doing a lot better.

Betting with BSP made a higher return on your money than direct to the exchange.

The same thing for Place Lay Single with the liability option also doing better than exchange straight staking, but both made money on the week and finished pushing the balance the right way.

Sure Favs Main finished slight down on the week, with Place Back Multi dropping single digits for both straight and target profit betting options.

Overall for the week we did great and made a lot of profit across all but a couple of service and three options, which is a positive result.

It was also extra satisfying to see the Place Lay Multi curve begin to resist and push back the right way since its trend update, along with Bet Focus doing what its set up to do and return a handful of big winners over a week to make an impressive profit.

Additionally, I'm very happy with the trend updates for Bet Advantage, Lay Dutching, Racing Lays, Place Lay Single, and Sure Favs High, as four weeks positive betting across the board for these making a decent consistent profit falls in line with the data reports.

Providing these services all operate over the minimum requirement they will hit average targets, and over the past four weeks they have operating well above target catching up toward projections.

I always say it's a long game and these services which are like investments the way they operate over time.

You need to allocate money to let run over the years, as this is exactly what they are, how they are set up to perform, and how they will make profits for years to come with members who approach them in this way.

A great week overall though last week, and some serious steps in the right direction with obvious progress being made using the AI Tools with Researcher to make good use of the data.

A Brief Catch Up

Firstly let me state the bleeding obvious, I'M ALIVE! :-)

I survived the second ablation for my heart problem which was done on Friday, and I am presently in recovery after being home for a day.

It wasn't the most pleasant procedure and I was in theatre under sedation for over three and a half hours, but I'm doing okay and feeling blessed to be back on track.

To give you some insight, with the second ablation they use heat to burn affected areas of my heart that are causing my persistent irregular patterns.

This is done via a catheter that's inserted into my groin on the right side to go up and reach the left side of my heart.

They scanned the affected areas and ablated them and this should now correct the electrical signal issue causing my heart condition.

I went back in to atrial fibrillation while they were ablating my heart, which caused the delay as it would typically take just a couple of hours.

When they had finished the burning ablation, which I was glad it was over of as it felt like I was being set on fire internally, quite possibly the most pain I've ever encountered, they then put me under a slight general anaesthetic as I'd already had a lot of sedation and been riding the rainbow. To the point I was involuntarily convulsing, which I was told later it was normal, but I felt like I was freezing cold.

They told me to keep my eyes open for as long as possible until I couldn't anymore, as the general had to be a lower dose for the cardioversion where they electrocute me.

I remember fighting it and keeping the eyes open as long as possible while they wired me up for the cardioversion.

Then I woke up to find it had been done, and my heart rhythm returned to the irregular pattern, back in what they call normal sinus rhythm, and it was over.

Well, after four hours laying completely flat until I stopped bleeding from the groin. Learning how to wee laying down is a skill I can say I've now mastered.

I had a great team and feel very lucky to have had this so soon after the issue returning. They were brilliant with me throughout the procedure, and kept the drugs coming when everything got too intense.

Now I just need to relax and let me heart heal over the next couple of weeks, and I can ease back in to work gradually.

I know I've updated the site results which I said I wouldn't until next week, but I took my time and worked at a lower pace.

It's taken me three days to do what would normally take a day.

I'll keep the results up to date each week again now, and will be mid December when I resume in play betting again. As that requires a lot more laser focus than I have available to me at the moment, and comes with an adrenaline rush which isn't great for my healing heart.

A mate of mine joined Bet Mover recently and is presently training himself using stakes of just 50p while he gets his confidence up, and he said his heart starts pumping even with that, haha, so imagine using proper staking, no thanks, not at the moment.

Getting my health back on track is my absolute priority so I can enjoy the rest of my days in good condition, as I never want to have another ablation.

I've things in life I want to do over the coming few years that will require me to have a fit and healthy body and mind. Achieving my targets with work uninterrupted is my absolute priority.

The feedback from the surgeon was everything looked positive for me, so ideally if I take better care of myself that will be the end of Atrial Fibrillation negatively affecting my life.

I'm wiped out right now, totally exhausted in fact, but I'm being well looked after and with my laptop on the bed I can gradually get back to some normality over the coming weeks.

This is what I need ahead of launching the In Play Bet Club in January, and contributing more useful video content to the site for the Automated Betting Strategies, while uploading some guides to demonstrate how I bet in play, and using some other tools I have available I'll share in the new year.

For now though I'm sat on my arse recharging, but I'll keep in touch and I'm keen not to miss a beat with work.

Okay, that's more than enough about me and my personal stuff. I just wanted to let you know I still exist and I'm on the mend.

Thanks for reading today.

My next news post with result update will either be next Monday or Tuesday.

Best Regards


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