Expo News 30th August

In today's news post:

  • The weekly automated betting strategy summary.

  • Upcoming site improvements explained.

  • Ratchet reset instructions.

  • In Play Bet Club update.

All results are now updated and available to view at www.exponentialbet.co.uk.

If you want to examine any results in detail simply locate Betting Strategies from the main menu, then select the service you wish to view.

The Week in Summary

Another week behind us with some strategies making a profit and pushing their own overall points totals to a new high point. While others either broke even or thereabout, while a few dipped slightly.

All strategies operating within points allocation, running as expected over the long term, and absolutely zero drama.

Today is another off the cuff summary of the week, but the end of month numbers will be updated on Wednesday or Thursday daytime in a structured news post.

I'll go to town and dissect how we got on this month, look at where we are on the timeline regarding hitting expected targets for these services, and what's required in next weeks news blog.

Just to give you a heads up I am still moving home and permanently working from my laptop with the office packed away in a storage unit at the moment.

Recording videos isn't possible at this time unfortunately, but I expect to be settled in next month and then resume all previously mentioned scheduled content.

Right let's get to today's overview looking at some of the key points from last weeks betting.