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Expo News 26th July

In today's news update I cover the Automated Betting System results showing incredible profits, and share an In Play Lay Betting Strategy.

There is no news on the In Play Bet Club this week as I'm waiting for some technical work to be completed before we can proceed, then I expect by the end of next week to have a clear schedule when this will be available for members.

I did place some In Play Bets using Bet Mover last week for the live Zoom meeting on Thursday, and demonstrated a very easy to learn strategy anybody with access to Bet Mover can utilize.

If you're a member of Bet Mover and did not receive an invite to the Zoom meeting please drop an email and he will make sure you're added to the next invite list.

They last about an hour with all member questions answered, and some live betting included to demonstrate any new features to help get the most from the platform as it develops over time.

There is a video at the end of today's news post with the live in play bets shown in Thursday's meeting, and my explanation of why I selected the horses to lay in running, which I hope you find helpful.

All the video content I've recorded so far for Bet Mover is available here:

Automated Betting Results Update

Place Lay Multi last week reported +41.71 points profit with exchange straight staking selected.

place betting

With Ratchet betting also selected using Place Lay Multi at 1% with the same exchange straight option within the bot from the 1st June until 25th July, you could have banked circa +116.94 points profit in just under 2 months.

These are real numbers from actual live betting, and just a snippet of what is possible.

You will see from the graph above the bulk of the profits came last week, with the profit and loss line for MTP (which is the only way to bet with Exchange Straight lay betting) going up and down until that spurge of upward growth between the 19th to the 25th July.

Ratchet betting isn't for everyone, but if managed correctly with a sensible betting bank and money management taking into account regular withdrawals it can be incredibly profitable, as the results above demonstrate over short period of time.

The fact the balance kind of hovered around the same level going up and down then hit an incredible peak is a great example to show, as this is betting, and when you're set up for this with your attitude and money management, you're in a great position to reap the rewards when the come.

You can find out more about Place Betting with the entire detailed overview of results here:

Racing Lays I mentioned recently is climbing back to +300 points for the High option, and last week the run of winning bets pushed the balance within a whisker of this after we had a slight dip in profit the previous week.

+18.14 points profit over the past seven days with 24 bets and just 1 losing lay bet in the win market.

You can see from the stats and graph below Racing Lays High from the 1st June to the 25th July has been in excellent form.

Absorbing the losing period you shown in the graph to recoup and then push on returning even more profit.

+89.58 points profit from 169 bets, 13 losses, 37 winning days and 9 losing days, with a strike rate of 92%.

Racing Lays High and the other two options for this automated lay betting service all have the potential to far exceed predicted annual projections at this rate of growth.

You can find out more about Racing Lays and the other betting options, with the results to date in detail available here:

Another service that has been gradually pushing back and edging the balance upward recently is Sure Favs Foundation.

Sure Favs Foundation is a favourite backing service that bets on the horse most likely to win according the programmed parameters at -1 minute past the post time.

If opting for the MTP style of betting with this service you could have done a little better last week than BSP, and for a back to win on a single horse strategy 71.43% strike rate is pretty good.

You can find out more about all the Sure Favs options and the entire detailed overview of results here:

All the results for each Automated Betting Strategy are now updated and available to examine at

You simply select Betting Strategies from the drop down via the main menu, and then choose the service you would like to look at in more detail.

The monthly and complete overview of results to date are all there, with the Ratchet numbers if included for your chosen service up to date.

In Play Betting

I'm focused on making the In Play Bet Club available asap, and also adding an in play guide to be available for access demonstrating my in play betting techniques.

This means I've not been spending the usual amount of time recording new in play betting content.

I did record a few races demonstrating an easy to use in play betting strategy with Bet Mover for the recent Zoom meeting I thought I'd share it below, and I've now expanded on the explanation with the simple logic behind my selections.

I tend to stick to longer jump races using this strategy as I find it suits the betting style.



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