Expo News 20th December

In today's update:

  • A very detailed round up of the weeks Automated Betting Strategies, with some interesting stats.

  • In Play Bet Club result update.

  • Important news.

Automated Betting Results & More

The results are published up to the 19th December for each service at Exponential Bet.

This includes the Ratchet figures, with the monthly numbers to be updated on the 3rd January 2022 to add December's betting.

If you want to examine the results in detail please select Betting Strategies from the main menu, and then use the dropdown to locate the service you're interested in.

I've published a complete overview below showing how each strategy performed last week.

Instead of the usual run through this week I have copied the screenshots for every betting strategy, which means you can examine the weekly stats and graphs individually.

Starting from the top down with services that finished in profit to strategies that dropped points.

I've judged this by highest BSP price to keep it simple, but you can see for yourself which options only apply to MTP on the actual service pages.

All bets are placed with 1 point per bet.

Bet Focus Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December