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Expo News 20th December

In today's update:

  • A very detailed round up of the weeks Automated Betting Strategies, with some interesting stats.

  • In Play Bet Club result update.

  • Important news.

Automated Betting Results & More

The results are published up to the 19th December for each service at Exponential Bet.

This includes the Ratchet figures, with the monthly numbers to be updated on the 3rd January 2022 to add December's betting.

If you want to examine the results in detail please select Betting Strategies from the main menu, and then use the dropdown to locate the service you're interested in.

I've published a complete overview below showing how each strategy performed last week.

Instead of the usual run through this week I have copied the screenshots for every betting strategy, which means you can examine the weekly stats and graphs individually.

Starting from the top down with services that finished in profit to strategies that dropped points.

I've judged this by highest BSP price to keep it simple, but you can see for yourself which options only apply to MTP on the actual service pages.

All bets are placed with 1 point per bet.

Bet Focus Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December

Racing Lays & Lay Dutching Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December

Sure Favs Main - 13th to 19th December

Sure Favs High & Bet Advantage - 13th to 19th December

Racing Lays & Lay Dutching Liability Betting - 13th to 19th December

Place Lay Single Liability Betting - 13th to 19th December

Bet Focus Target Profit - 13th to 19th December

Place Lay Single Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December

Place Back Multi Target Profit - 13th to 19th December

Place Back Multi Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December

Place Lay Multi Liability Betting - 13th to 19th December

Place Lay Multi Straight Staking - 13th to 19th December

Bet Focus obviously had a superb week making a lot of profit for the service across both BSP and MTP options.

Place Lay Multi at the opposite end of the scale dropping just a couple of points for the straight staking option (MTP only applicable).

You can find out more about each service via the Betting Strategy option from the main menu at

Some Interesting Stats

Since the trend analysis update was put into action for Bet Advantage and Sure Favs High to merge them into one service on 1st November, this is how we've done so far.

Sure Favs High & Bet Advantage - 1st November to 19th December

Over 30 points profit for both BSP and MTP options with a very low drawdown. An early signal this is a robust update, and the data used to identify the most profitable option is accurate.

Another trend analysis update was applied to Racing Lays (all options) and Lay Dutching on the 1st November.

Racing Lays & Lay Dutching Straight Staking - 1st November to 19th December

+53.18 points profit for MTP with another tiny drawdown and a very high strike rate is impressive, and exactly what the data pointed towards prior to the update being applied.

I hope you have been taking note of the weekly results, and included both Sure Favs High and Racing Lays in to your bet portfolio.

The place betting services have also seen a trend update, but taking longer to realise full potential.

They have without question stopped a downward trend, and we've seen winning weeks for all three of the place options since the update came into play, but the huge profit swells that will occur with these betting strategies hasn't materialised yet, or anything like the results published above.

We've had more of a levelling period that happens with all the services at some point, it's either one of the three, profit, dip, or levelling.

The data for these place services is equally as robust as the win market updates applied, and the side by side comparison will be uploaded in the new year with a video based blog showing how the updated was derived.

You can see above the four services the Researcher software identified, Racing Lays, Sure Favs High, Bet Advantage, and Lay Dutching have all done very well since that update was put into play.

It showcases the broad capabilities of Researcher (the built in AI within Cloud Bet Bot) to find the optimum way to squeeze more profit from the strategies using data accumulated over the months and years.

All these services at the time the update began placing bets were in a downward trend, but have now been on a steady upward curve as you can see, and this is no coincidence.

It's a simple fact the more data we have the better the services will become over the years, which means as a long term investment these services are solid.

For short term betting style must win or I'll lose interest quick purposes, they are no use at all.

No investment ever in the history of time has ever shown a continual upward line of growth without any dips or levelling along the way from start to end, this is a fact you can take to the bank.

All the services at Exponential Bet will make a very good profit over the years ahead, and hold their own against the best of the best investments out there over an identical timeline.

They will not always win and be in a state of growth, so a long term investing mindset is required to achieve the published results.

You have to really want it, and be able to hold firm over the difficult periods in order to succeed. This is demonstrated within the published graphs and stats so far, which in reality is a mere blip on the timeline.

If you can approach these services with the investor mindset the long term results are there to see, but if you can't and you only see the short term, you're always going to exit at a loss and better off sticking to your daily punting. Meant in the nicest possible way.

All I want for members is to make money by having the right set up from the start, and to achieve the reported results by sticking to the same betting process and staking advice I publish all along the timeline.

I have listened to the feedback, and I will make the set up and money management process easier to understand.

There will be more video walk through instructions available, along with a less is more approach to everything from the staking to the data at your disposal.

Next year we will see a streamlined set of options on site, within the bots staking plans for some of the services, and more information available to make setting up the bot a breeze.

All designed to help you get your money correctly allocated according to your long term plans explained, and able to comfortably watch it steadily increase over time.

These are long term investments after all, and everyone following the automated services can see for themselves they need to be set up for this to reach the target profits. The stats show it, and so do the graphs.

They are not tipping services, or targeted toward your average Joe punter.

The more data we have over the years to come the better these strategies will become, and this is now visible with the updates using the accumulated data and having an instant impact.

In Play Bet Club Results

I have updated my betting activity for the week just gone in play betting using Bet Mover.

I will have the none BM bets separated and included within the In Play Guide available early next year.

All the bets included in the results below and on the In Play Bet Club page follow the singular selection process and are placed just using BM, which instantly adds them to Cloud Bet Bot for members of the service.

If you're interested in joining the In Play Bet Club you can register via the page link below, as you will find at the base of the page an option to add your details when spaces become available.

In Play Bet Club Results - 26th October to 18th December

Just two days betting last week with five bets placed.

The betting over the week was difficult to find any decent opportunities, and is typical for this time of year in the run up to Christmas.

The one at 17.5 odds spiked for me after placing the bet as the horse stumbled, but then actually moved in to more attractive odds.

If this had been placed for you as a member it would likely been unmatched initially, but then matched as the price came in.

I will be betting over the Christmas break as much as possible, but I will take some time off and recharge. I won't be doing too much in play betting until the 3rd of January. Then I will resume properly and get back to a steady routine.

Important News

We're planning to have results for all services run directly from the betting bot, which means for MTP results they will be an average odds of all the member bets, and not the Researcher odds.

The software generates the results based on the selection criteria at the moment. Which for some of the services where liquidity is an issue if betting direct to the exchange can create a theory vs reality gap Most of the bets its absolutely fine of course with not much variation, it's just when money goes on a horse with not much liquidity available odds will shift.

With the new update applied next year the average odds of all the matched member bets will represent the stats and graph data for each service, obviously for MTP only.

This will auto generate on site, and gives everyone following the strategies a more accurate insight into matched money if following the MTP options.

A clear view of the average odds other members are being matched on each bet.

I'd like to thank the members who wrote and presented this idea over the past few months, as it's been mentioned a few time in various forms and I just needed to figure out how to make it happen with old big brain Nigel.

This will give a true line of what is achievable with direct to the exchange betting options.

I bang on about this quite a lot to make sure it's understood, as exchange odds will vary from member to member.

I won't cover this again now in great detail, but if the bot is placing bets direct to the exchange odds will move, and the only way to guarantee exact published results is of course BSP.

However, it is certainly a lot more useful to know what the average odds of matched bets are for each member running the services, and to have the published results show this will help people decide whether a service is right them, or if running the service to be able to see if they are achieving better or worse than average odds based on what everyone else is getting.

With BSP it won't be any different and results will all be the same starting price for members selecting this bet option.

We are hoping to have results populate each day once this is set up. At worst it will remain weekly, but it will operate as explained above.

The BSP and MTP numbers will have to be separated from the stats and graphs individually compared to how they are at the moment as one, with different coloured lines and columns of stats.

In addition to this I'll merge the services Lay Dutching into Racing Lays with one stake option available for either straight or liability.

Also, Bet Advantage into Sure Favs High, while retaining the straight or target profit options.

I'd planned on doing this at the end of May to give it a full two years of recorded results under the current options, but if the results are going to be fed to the site using exact average matched odds for MTP, everything should be updated at the same time to represent this.

Full details will be announced before hand of course, and any members on services being merged will be moved across and kept well informed.

All the current results will refresh from the day the services begin populating the average MTP odds, and I will make sure the historical results to date are there and available to show the hand over up to the improved reporting facility start date.

For more info on the merge with the services please have a look at the 6th December Expo News blog here:

Having a true average of odds achieved for all members will give everyone a clear view of what is possible if opting for the exchange based betting options instead of BSP.

The next news and result update will be on Monday the 3rd January 2022.

I may have another blog post or two in the meantime and if possible add this weeks results next Monday, but if not you will hear from me next in the new year.

The results will then include the monthly numbers for December of course, as well as the results included from the 20th December to 2nd January.

Ideally we'll have the new reporting in place later in January, that is the plan ahead of launching the In Play Bet Club, as that will also feed the average matched odds results as well directly from the bot to the site.

It will be important to see this for in play betting given the bets are being placed for the maximum of 50 members across three tier options in running.

I know for a fact though on the 3rd January the results published will be in the exact same format they are at the moment.

As in, the updated results explained above won't happen until late January for the simple reason Nigel will still be recovering and hungover from the Christmas break.

If you're reading this I'm not calling you an alcoholic mate, but I know you very well and you will be loving the break in racing possibly too much.

Whereas Mr Clean here can't touch a drop after my operation, but I am going to enjoy the break and some precious time off to relax.

To be completely open about things I started working too early after my hospital visit, so I'll be on light duties only until we resume again officially on the 3rd Jan, and take this time over the holidays to really recover properly.

It is of course business as usual for all the automated services, as they are as advertised fully automated. They will stop betting during the Christmas shut down, but resume again as normal after the three days no racing.

I do hope you all have a lovely Christmas break and New Year celebration, and make the most of any time off you have with your loved ones. That is what matters most after all.

I mentioned last week that we have a lot to come with the various betting guides scheduled, and a vast amount of new content for the automated services to help everyone get the most out of them.

Plus we have the In Play Club starting later in January, which is my new full time job betting each week for members of this service, building balances to the pledged targets.

This means I'm semi signing off until the New Year, but if you have a blog land in your inbox in the meantime don't be too surprised.

However, I am giving myself some slow time so I can start 2022 as strong as possible.

Thank you for all your support in 2021.

I'm looking forward to 2022 for a new start with my health, and to bring prosperity to all members with the ever maturing services at Exponential Bet.

Have a good one.


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