Expo News 16th August

Last week I mentioned Place Lay Single would have a trend analysis filter added from Monday 9th August to improve the results and reduce drawdown by approx 50%, and it's no fluke the service had a good week as a result of this update.

Place Lay Single 9th to 15th August - Exchange Straight

Definitely a more considered week of betting compared to prior weeks, and the automated trend filter dramatically improved the run of results with only 1 losing bet from 9 in total over the seven days.

+6.56 points profit with a drawdown at 1.28 and strike rate of 88.89%.

If maintained at this level the update will put this strategy back on track to hit annual predictions over the coming twelve months.

Like all the strategies it won't win all the time, but now the final piece of the accelerated trend assessment is added, it will now run in line with expectations and drop into the routine the higher achieving strategies are assessed, which is typically each quarter.

For more details on how my trend analysis operations work I'd suggest giving last weeks news post a read.

Knowing what has gone in to the development with Place Lay Single and how it will now operate with the added trend filter, I'm confident it will continue to steadily push the balance the right way over time.

As stated it won't have it all it's own way as no betting system ever does, but it will run in a considered style of betting to find more winning days and keep the drawdown low.