Bet & Trade News 7th September

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


This week is a transitional period for Exponential Bet, as we ready the site for the positive upgrades to the automated betting services for members.

Let me begin by the least important aspect of the change, which is the re branded names for each service done for a couple of main reasons.

Firstly each service needs to match the bet type, and Google will prefer these names with its algorithm thingymabob when people search for specific betting system types.

It also makes things more self-explanatory compared to the existing names, which saves us time explaining, and as we've now split some services while adding a new one, it's actually essential.

Anyway, enough waffle as I've loads to do, and I'm sure you're too busy and just want the nuts and bolts of how these betting systems are about to be significantly improved.

RDB Dutching will now be called Lay Dutching, as the service does exactly this now. Laying multiple horses within most betting races for a fixed liability and equal profit on the win.

RDB Straight is now Bet Advantage, which represents we're looking for the value bets with this service.

JV MK2 is now Sure Favs, as we're aiming to back the sure fire favourite to win in each applicable race.

With the new service starting its life at Exponential Bet called Racing Lays, as it's a horse racing lay betting strategy.

This now gives us four automated services, which from Monday 14th September will be operating with upgraded selection filters.

Over the course of this week I'll be upgrading the main pages for each service, along with all other associated set up material, to make sure members fully understand how each option runs, and can make the right decision for them.