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Bet & Trade News 7th September

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


This week is a transitional period for Exponential Bet, as we ready the site for the positive upgrades to the automated betting services for members.

Let me begin by the least important aspect of the change, which is the re branded names for each service done for a couple of main reasons.

Firstly each service needs to match the bet type, and Google will prefer these names with its algorithm thingymabob when people search for specific betting system types.

It also makes things more self-explanatory compared to the existing names, which saves us time explaining, and as we've now split some services while adding a new one, it's actually essential.

Anyway, enough waffle as I've loads to do, and I'm sure you're too busy and just want the nuts and bolts of how these betting systems are about to be significantly improved.

RDB Dutching will now be called Lay Dutching, as the service does exactly this now. Laying multiple horses within most betting races for a fixed liability and equal profit on the win.

RDB Straight is now Bet Advantage, which represents we're looking for the value bets with this service.

JV MK2 is now Sure Favs, as we're aiming to back the sure fire favourite to win in each applicable race.

With the new service starting its life at Exponential Bet called Racing Lays, as it's a horse racing lay betting strategy.

This now gives us four automated services, which from Monday 14th September will be operating with upgraded selection filters.

Over the course of this week I'll be upgrading the main pages for each service, along with all other associated set up material, to make sure members fully understand how each option runs, and can make the right decision for them.

For example, with the lay betting services they come with a fixed stake option now which is new, as well as a fixed liability, and fixed liability exchange. The fixed stake feature is for exchange bets only, as Betfair do not support fixed stake BSP betting.

What this means is members will need some extra guidance on what to expect for each betting option.

Additionally, with the back bets they will come with both upgrades to improve the core services in operation, and optional ways to run the services, which I'd advise to pick one from each service.

I will publish results for each method of betting for both backing and laying strategies, with the ups and downs fully covered, so before you begin you will understand what to expect, and set up accordingly.

Let me give you some examples for Sure Favs using the main strategy, and also for Bet Advantage, which are the two back betting systems.

Sure Favs - Main Strategy

horse racing betting

This is from 1/6/20 to today, and you will see instantly the selection criteria is a lot tighter with fewer bets needing to be placed.

Reaching a 43.15 points balance growth in approx 3 months, with a very low risk max drawdown of just 5.09.

This service running the filters I've created from live betting data, and building on the concept of the original strategy is now as you can see capable of running much steadier, and at a higher strike rate of 48%.

For each service there will be betting options, as Sure Favs will come with a more aggressive approach that comes with more risk, lower strike rate, but also more potential for higher returns if that bet type is more what you're looking for, ie more bets using the same filters without the tighter controls to protect the bank.

The foundation update that allows for bets to be placed after start time will also be added to Sure Favs. More to follow on this as the week progresses, as there is no point duplicating too much now when this information will be published on the service pages anwyay.

Bet Advantage - Medium Risk High Reward

In complete contrast to the version of Sure Favs above that looks to be very selective, and has a high strike rate, this option with Bet Advantage shows what's possible when you turn on the taps full blast, but this type of betting is not for everyone and a Low Risk version will also be available.

betting system

From 1/6/20 to now you can see a healthy points balance of 205.32, with a 27.28 drawdown that I consider medium risk level.

The strike rate is positive at 27.92% for a service backing horses at odds of 5.0 upward with multiple selections possible in each race, but the advantage comes from the ROI at 52.11, which demonstrates very well how the strategy operates looking for the value bets with a good chance of success.

Looking at the example below, this shows a more aggressive version of Bet Advantage that will be available, a High Risk version but with even Higher Reward potential.

If this is your type of betting you will definitely need a reserve points balance, but the sky is the limit with what is possible is able to be managed properly over time.

Bet Advantage - High Risk Higher Reward

betting bot

This is closer to what we're running now with the older RDB Straight strategy, only the current version to be replaced is less refined than what you see above.

Really letting the system go with no limitations and running at a high drawdown level of 55.36, but showing a 263.95 points profit over the three month period shows what's possible with the mindset to be able to handle this type of betting.

The ROI is about half of the medium setting at 25.48, but strike rate very similar at 26.06%.

The volume quite literally speaks volumes though to achieve these extra points profit, as does the drawdown in comparison.

This service has been crying out for refinements that can only come from a decent period of time actually live betting, and it's also been in need of options, ie a low, medium, and high risk approach, and this is what it will receive with the next update for members.

On this note, members of RDB at present will of course still have full access to both Bet Advantage with all its new settings, and Lay Dutching, which I'll cover in my next news update.

Racing Lays is a brand new service that will be included for all One Subscription members, and as a direct subscription option.

To save duplication as I'll be adding this to the site over the course of this week, I'll leave my Racing Lays and Lay Dutching results updates until my next news post over the coming days, and ideally have links to include to their pages so you can examine the services in more detail.


To recap, RDB Dutching is renamed as Lay Dutching, and RDB Straight is now Bet Advantage, they are now two separate services available to subscribe individually, but existing RDB members will have access to both within the Cloud Bet Bot dashboard, with all bet options explained in advance and available.

JV MK2 is now Sure Favs, and will continue to be a stand alone subscription service.

All of the existing three automated services that have been re branded will receive an essential update providing the extra bet options, and refinements to the current selection method.

The results to date will continue to be available on the service pages, as these have got us to the point we're at today being able to produce these new updated services.

With the new service results showing the overlap of testing into live betting for all members, which commences from Monday the 14th September.

We've also got a new automated service included called Racing Lays, which for now you can read more on here:

All One Subscription members have this included as part of their package, but this will be available directly on site to subscribe, and all active Exponential Bet members regardless of plan will have initial access to this lay betting system.

If you're looking to join now you can still subscribe to RDB and get the benefit of Bet Advantage and Lay Dutching from next week all in one membership, or of course One Subscription which like the name states comes with everything in one plan.

I'll be updating this joining page below, but One Subscription regardless of the option does include all services, with the obvious value on the longer plan options.

If you haven't already contacted me and would like to be added to the early release version for Racing Lays, just email me at with Lay Betting System in the subject line.

I'll make sure you get the best first join up deal for this service. More info to follow this week on this and all automated betting.

Once these service upgrades are operational from next week, I'll have my preferred options running fully automated, be available to advise anyone how to set up their betting bot, and then be able to get back to trading mixed with new system development.

As Racing Lays is one of a few strategies I've been working on to add to the site for members.

The update to all existing services from next week will then remain in place for a full twelve months, as the optional settings included have been added to factor in personal betting styles, whereas the previous options were trying to be all things to all men (and ladies), so to speak.

Okay that's me done for now, please excuse any typo's as I've just blasted this post off in one go on the missus laptop, as she's studying for her CID exam tomorrow and taken over my office, which means my old eyes are not used to these 1080p 15" screens anymore. I've been spoilt with my 4k 40" monitors and curved screens, I don't know how people work on little laptop screens anymore as I used to in the past, fair play if you do.

Thanks for reading, as you can see above plenty more info to follow later this week.

Best Regards


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