Bet & Trade News 2nd September

I mentioned yesterday we've new automated strategies about to become available, and I couldn't wait to share examples of what to expect.

All active subscribed members will have these included free of charge for a long trial period, and for new members they can subscribe directly or as part of the One Subscription plans, available via the Join Page.

The new automated strategies are looking exciting without needing any hype behind them, and also running without any problems matching the bets, as they are set to select and place well ahead of race start time.

Here's a sample of what I have so far:

fixed stake betting

What I'm showing you here is a Fixed Stake lay betting strategy that will be online near the end of next week.

Results are from live betting starting on 1/6/20 to the time I started writing this blog, which you can see from the screenshot.

I've opened up a couple of today's bets in the Researcher grid to show some race data.

The pink line across horse numbers 5 & 7 in the 16:25 & 16:50 races, are the horses selected by the strategy to lay bet (back to lose), and you can see the 'L' to the right, meaning this horse lost the race making it a winning bet.

The profit is 1 point per bet, but the risk with fixed stake lay betting can mean most of your losses will be more than 1 point.

You can also see the line of 0.98's in the grid, showing a 1 point win for each race, minus 2% Betfair commission bring the 1 to 0.98. I'd advise if you haven't already, visit the Betfair site and reduce your commission to 2%.

The running total down the middle section shows a balance starting from 0 reaching +184.05 points over a three month betting period.

We have a total max drawdown of -30.96 for this period of betting, which for fixed stake lay betting is actually very good, and it should be noted only across a three day betting week.

This reduction in bet days removing the consistently negative days in the week, significantly reduces our overall risk and bet exposure.

The stats look very strong for this strategy using a Fixed Stake, and from the bets placed so