Automated vs Manual Pt2

Carrying on where I left off in yesterday’s post.

When initially setting up Exponential Bet I didn't consider the impact it would have on my life too much. I wanted it to be a success, and worked hard on what I was producing, but I was creating do it yourself Dutch betting guides at the time.

Exactly as described, guides to show you how to do it yourself, and that’s all you needed to get started. Everything included within the PDF, and me on hand to answer the occasional question, but once customers were set up that was it.

In my mind I thought I would continue this alongside my own betting and trading.

This progressed in a very natural way to become a subscription service, evolving from the information provided in the guide, as people like to learn how to do it themselves, but some members requested to see my daily bets to make life simpler. I could understand this given not everyone has time in the day, so the BSP Multiple service launched.

However, compared to sending my Dutch bets at midday as a bet slip screenshot, this was a very different experience to providing automated betting services, or software.

It's been a huge learning curve for me, and it still is. Let me explain.

Working with developers to create software solutions is a whole different ball game, and with that alone can be a minefield of time-consuming rabbit holes.

Especially while juggling what's involved and still trying to run a membership-based betting service, develop new ideas, and enjoy the ride.

A job that you would think may take a week with a developer can turn in to a week, a month, or more. This has left me many times feeling powerless, and like piggy in the middle.

Definitely more so with the creation and running of the downloadable automated software, not too much with cloud bet bot, although that has had its own unique challenges I'll go in to later on.

I’d report to members about something, something else would happen to direct our attention on to fixing that with the software, I’d have to report back to members things would be taking longer, like a monkey jumping from branch to branch.

This has affected every aspect of techie work, both download and online versions, but with the download version it was never ending, which is why I moved to online as this I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.