Betting For A Living Part 2

Today's blog covers a subject I get asked about daily, what's involved when looking to create an income from betting.

Additionally, I will also go over my plans to develop a new resource designed to help people get started with this type of betting, but first let me cover some key points to create a clear understanding.

I define betting for a living as creating an amount of money from betting that can be withdrawn at regular intervals to cover living costs, with the target being to create enough to pay bills, put clothes on your back, food in the cupboard etc.

If you can lead a better life financially doing this than not betting for a living, this is an obvious bonus. The ultimate goal however is to make enough to cover your living expenses.

It's important to understand whatever you earn from your betting will always be a variable income, and it's not a salary where you get a set amount each month from your employer, or a monthly payment from a property you own and rent as an example.

As much as the returns over time should significantly improve in line with your skills and ability to consistently profit from betting, some months will definitely be better than others, and money made during the peaks will often need to stretch over the troughs.

To create this level of income from your betting it's also understood that an initial investment of money will be required. This amount of money needs to be managed very well obviously, and if you're throwing yourself in to betting full time you need enough in reserve to deal with the emotional roller coaster.

The less stressful route is a slow transition to going full time, as in make sure your bases are covered financially during this process so not everything depends on your immediate success. This will alleviate the pressure, and reduce desperate decision making.

The practice sessions you put in prior to considering doing this full time must show steady returns, your confidence in yourself and your ability should increase, and your discipline, record keeping, and clear plan of action is something that should have clarity.

This should be the case in every scenario, whether learning at a more relaxed pace, or if your life depended on it.

Putting your hard earned money on a horse to win or place, trade pre race or in play, create consistently profitable Dutch bets, back a football team to win, score a minimum amount of goals, or get the most amount corners, whatever the bet may be I guarantee your heart will be pumping if it's money that really matters, especially when betting professionally.

In comparison if you're 'punting' with money you can afford to lose and betting just for fun, it's without doubt exciting, but the intensity of the process is considerably less than when your lively hood depends on it.

This is an important factor to bear in mind when considering doing this full time.

It looks like I'm painting quite a bleak picture here, which knowing the way things can be taken I'm sure some of you will be thinking this is the case.

However, it is possible with the right attitude, tools, time, effort, and investment, to make a living full time from betting.