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Are You Doing This?

I've been featuring Sure Favs Main and recommending adding the strategy to your betting portfolio since the update dropped back in October 2021.

It's a fully automated favourite backing strategy. Set up stakes according to advised points, turn on the bot, and let it run online without the need for a download or having your PC turned on.

Like all of our automated strategies you control them using any device, ie PC, Mac, Android, Apple.

You can see from the Detailed Overview results below from this period the profit has come in with a steady upward trend.

These are live betting results achieved by myself and members, with BSP guaranteed to be the same reported odds.

Sure Favs Main - Exchange Straight - 1/6/20 to 10/7/22

Sure Favs Main - Exchange Straight - 3rd October 2021 to 10/7/22

We have enjoyed a very low drawdown at just -10.19 putting this strategy firmly in the low risk category.

+90.14 points if betting direct to the exchange, i.e. MTP (Minutes to Post), and +83.33 points profit if opting for BSP (Betfair Starting Price) are both very appealing returns.

Especially considering this is a fully automated strategy triggering bets from a pre programmed algorithm using data accumulating for about two and a half years so far.

With 335 bets placed, an impressive 38% strike rate at average odds of 3.81 (MTP), and very decent ROI of 26.91 points, this automated strategy has been profitable betting across the past nine months.

Last week Sure Favs Main continued to push on with a few points profit banked over the four days the service operates.

Sure Favs Main - Exchange Straight - 4th to 10th July

With the current Ratchet cycle for Sure Favs Main looking good from the 1st June to 10th July. A slow start across June which is shown in the graph, followed by a very positive run of wining bets.

If you're operating Sure Favs Main with a One Subscription or with a single Sure Favs membership, and have been for the past nine months to a year following advised staking, then you're obviously a very bunny happy right now.

If you want to join Sure Favs you can do so here:

Included with any Sure Favs subscription level you also have High and Foundation options, and you can find out more about all three from the link above.

If you want to join to combine all services the One Subscription is the most cost effective way, and you can find details of all the options from start plan to five year sign up here:

In Other News...

Apologies for not posting a mid week news blog, but the sheer volume of data accumulation I'm working on across long days at the moment for In Play Bet Club is consuming all my time.

I'm trying to get the job finished as quickly as possible, because as soon as it's done I'll regain my have time to dedicate to finishing the Do it Yourself Guides involving no automation or subscription, and introducing new features such as One on One training for in play betting, plus new product reviews.

Ideally I'll be on top of this humungous job and back to having time available again over the coming couple of weeks, then I can push on to finish the first of the guides for In Play Betting.

The results for the Automated Strategies are now available to view online, which you can find from the main menu drop down.

Simply select the service you wish to examine in more detail, and the Detailed Overview, Weekly, Monthly, and Ratchet numbers are all there.

As predicted we are starting to see a steadier run of betting for Bet Focus, with last week slowing the losing down, and this week returning a profit. I mentioned a week or so ago that we would over remainder of this year expect to start seeing a better run of form.

Sure Favs High did very well last week, as did Place Back Multi that's also on the bounce back. This is represented very well within the Ratchet results. A bounce back always has more of an exciting curve with Ratchet betting for obvious reasons.

Place Lay Multi as well had a profitable week making a small return, but enough to keep it in the lead overall for the current Ratchet cycle.

You can see from the Detailed Overview for Place Lay Multi that its going through a positive period, and we appear to riding an early showing for upcoming steady upward balance growth.

Sure Favs Foundation dropped just a few points last week, as did Place Lay Single that finally looks to be steadying after hitting a poor run after Royal Ascot, and now ideally will start to steadily recover to regain lost points.

Racing Lays also dipped last week with some nearly days costing us points, but as we know with this service it can very quickly hit a run of form that propels the balance significantly higher.

It's hit a speed bump which it's done time and time again, but that's all it is. Over the entire bet period for the service it's only really had a handful of high growth periods, which put it at the most recent result update of +366.27 points profit betting exchange straight.

With just over two years bet history recorded that's a lot of middling along or dropping points and not just straight up consistent growth, but all managed within the recommended points balance, and even on the worst run of losses it recovered and pushed to a new profit high. If you can manage your expectations / pain levels of frustration with this service I expect to make a lot of money over the years ahead.

I personally think Racing Lays will start to steady the current drop in form over the coming weeks, but it could of course be months with some further up and down drawdown, but then after the next high growth period will begin rebuilding toward +500 points profit from wherever it reaches its current bottom.

Overall last week I witnessed some of the services I predicted to begin pushing upward do exactly that, i.e. Place Back Multi, Place Lay Multi, & Bet Focus, and start to show consistent winning form. While others such as the featured Sure Favs Main remained consistent holding solid form we've been reporting for the past nine months.

The services experiencing a dip and finding a bottom to lift off from are just doing exactly that, and will return to have their day in the sun. Which is exactly what I'm about to do now for the remainder of this scorching day in the UK.

I'll leave it here for now today as I'm melting, and after a run of 12 hour days data accumulation for In Play Bet Club while taking all day to update site results today, I need to get away from the monitor and reset my brain. A trip to the local gym swimming pool is my plan, then a beer in the garden.

I hope you have a great day, and get to enjoy some of this glorious sunshine while it lasts.

Thanks for reading as always, and if you have any questions drop me an email of course and I'll get back to you asap.

Best Regards


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