+87.92 Points Profit in Approx. 6.5 Months

In today's news update:

  • Sure Favs performance assessment since last years trend update.

  • An important reminder for Racing Lays members.

  • An important quarterly reminder for members who use Ratchet betting.

  • Other news...

Before we get started today I'd just like to inform you the results for all services are now updated and available to view at Exponential Bet.

This includes the weekly, detailed overview, and ratchet figures. Monthly results will be updated by the 6th June news update.

Last week we had a few outstanding results for some of the services doing very well, while dropping some points for other services. All of which is part of operating long term automated betting strategies, par for the course as they say.

They will have long win runs and show a steep increase in balance growth that you can see in each of the graphs for the services, or go through sometimes long periods of no growth, or dips in form for months, before settling and then hitting a spike in profit that often returns the high numbers published.

Some of course are much more consistent with lower drawdowns and steadier lines of balance growth, but all do show profit with varied performance levels, so I'd advise you assess them all to find the right fit for you.

They are set up as investments, and the stats and graphs show the periods clearly which have given us the profit and the drawdown.

Everything can be examined by selecting the service you wish to view from the main menu under Betting Strategies, then from the drop down choose what you wish to see in more detail.

Sure Favs Performance Assessment

I posted a news blog on the 25th April covering Racing Lays and how it reached +127 points profit growth since the trend update was applied on the 30th October 21. You can read more on this via the link below, but today I want to do the same for Sure Favs which has notably seen the same upward trend in profits since the the update was applied.