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The Expo News 1st June

Auto Dutch Beta hit a decent run of winners last night, very pleased to see this automated strategy recover losses and push on to new profit levels consistently.

automated betting

Personally I think over the long term stopping at a profit will pay off more for this system than running over the entire evening card, but it remains to be seen as I continue to stress test it during Beta phase.

Dutch Betting in general is doing well, with One Dutch returning 16 consecutive wins on the current run, showing below yesterday's 20% and today's 19% ROI result from Epsom Downs.

dutch betting

dutch betting

This is the BSP Multiple based strategy included with the Dutch Betting service, and for One Subscription members.

I've had a few winners recently but as mentioned I can't update site results until I've finished IT work. I'll get recent results included once I'm up to speed and out of IT hell, but that's another story I won't bore you with...

This month Remote Dutch Betting is also being included.

This involves access to a web based login, you set you start balance and percentage stake, then leave the rest to me.

I'll then place Dutch bets via the cloud on days when bets qualify, giving me the advantage of taking track side info in to account when placing each Dutch bet close to race time direct to your Betfair account.

For anyone new reading my blog this remote access does not involve you giving me your personal Betfair account information, I don't need your login as it's authorised via Betfair as a licensed service.

The Trade Guide V5 I've scheduled for July, and I'll have more info on this over the course of this month in separate posts. I'll also update the results for my recent trading activity, and add more info about how the bolt on has been adapted over the coming weeks.

Hedger Pro and the integration being created within this platform to rectify the Betfinder App removal will be fully explained in the new update, and add a lot value in the process.

hedger pro

I know Nigel the developer of Hedger Pro is including years of historical data that will be available to access in a very hands on useful way. We will be able to filter through the card using this which will give us more confidence in the decision making, with the target of increasing strike rate.

The actual trade placement and trade automation settings in Hedger Pro will removed the need for any other third party software required.

Exponential Bet's partnership will mean members of the Trade Guide will have a robust data rich trading application built for purpose requiring no VPS, and compatible with the Mac and PC.

Other trading platforms can be used with the methods contained in the Trade Guide, but going forward the strategies will be built for application with Hedger Pro.

It makes sense to create the new Trade Guide using one platform around the course based instructions, that will lead each member through the systems contained within. It would over complicate it demonstrating it one other platforms as I have done in the past, but I will ensure everything is well explained should you wish to translate this to another API.

Hedger Pro will integrate fully with Exponential Bet this month being included as part of the annual subscription package, and have a landing page linking to any video's I post in the blog and social media, also containing any promotional offers, news, and direct links to sign up via the main site.

Football Trading using Trade On Sports (which you can read more about in my most recent blog posts here), I'll continue next week and dedicate time to work on the platform while recording my activity using an invested balance for the off season.

trade on sports

The goal for this set up over the entire football season for the main leagues is return circa £10k upwards with an investment of £1000. This may change come kick off, as I need to build my confidence using the platform, and I hope to invest quite a bit more, but I have reserved a £1000 in advance. I'll also show my daily results using Trade On Sports both here in the blog, on a landing page I'm setting on site, and on You Tube.

The remaining six months of this year will consist of my regular reports using Trade On Sports, Dutch Betting, and Trading.

In addition to this I'm developing In Play Beta for re introduction ideally in August, along with Automated Football Betting that will relaunch using Expo Bot.

Auto Dutch Beta is also having some data work done using the same filtering process I'm applying to In Play Beta, but I've no set ETA for this as I'm still in development phase.

Over the course of the coming six months you'll see progressively more insights in to how I work on a daily basis, with much more content and video updates included in these posts, also on You Tube.

I want to give you a clear view of how I'm doing with my pre race trading, and also how to get the most out of Hedger Pro and Trade On Sports.

It will be a real sense of achievement to re introduce In Play Beta and Automated Football Betting with the Expo Suite, and feel 100% confident to leave them running on auto pilot with Auto Dutch Beta complimenting the more hands on activity.

Which brings me back to Remote Betting and Trading, which is something Nigel Dove has made available with his cloud based service.

This both opens up new opportunities to capitalize, and free's up a huge chunk of my time each day delivering these bets and trades to members. Without the need to send emails which adds unnecessarily to my workload, and doesn't require me to make decisions before a cut off time due to timezone restrictions. This type of betting and trading service is the future in my humble opinion.

BSP Multiples will always continue to be delivered with the One Dutch bet, as this cannot be automated or remotely placed, but this will be the only strategy moving forward that I actually sit and email daily.

Right, I'm off to start getting ready for the big match this evening. I'm literally on tender hooks and this blog post has served as a productive distraction.

Any questions drop me an email, and I'll get back to you asap.



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