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Trading Betfair

Back to lay or lay to back, that is the question.

For a long time I've found back to lay has been the option I prefer.

However, the trade portfolio will expand in the next Trade Guide Version 5 to include a profitable L2B strategy. This is a welcome new addition to the guide I know members will enjoy using, and opens up scope for a new income stream at a different end of the markets.

If you're an existing member of the Trade Guide V4 or looking to join, this blog will hopefully be of interest.

The new subscription options being published next week will include a lot more than before, and come with everything you need to get started trading using this system.

I've literally taken a long list of confusing subscription plans currently available, and stripped them down to just seven plans, with options to have everything you need in just one subscription. More on this in a post I'll publish next week though once the options are online.

Today I want to cover in what's coming up in the next Trade Guide for existing and new members.

Trading if done correctly can be the most lucrative money maker using Betfair, and something I'll be pushing to the forefront of the new slimmed down Exponential Bet.

Here's a snapshot of my results using automation and a simple method in conjunction with Focus Ratings, Hedger Pro, and Fairbot from Thursday, just with £10 stakes per race looking for roughly 25% ROI per trade. I'm testing the market liquidity with this one to see if I can include it for members, but it shows what's possible with a small investment, using the right tools.

trading betfair

If you look at the results over the days I've put in trading, the growth rate exceeds any other service running by a country mile. 838% total profit growth over 134 trading days isn't too shabby.

However, this is using relatively small stakes and initially some compounding, but as we know you can only compound so far on the exchange, and it is a variable income. If you're able to double your initial investment every few months I think this is a more realistic target, although even that can be a lot more if done right.

As a side note, I'll be adding a remote trading option once a decision has been made on the best route for this. This basically means I can place the trades for you to your own Betfair account and not requiring your login.

Remote trading will be part of one of the simple subscription options I'll include later this month, but may be limited depending on interest levels, but again that's for another post of its own.

As standard each strategy within the next guide update will come with automation options, as well as manual trade placement demonstrated. These will not require any files to imported using the platform I'll be setting this up to run on.

The automation will fire the trades in to the market at specific times, hedge according to set parameters, and have a stop loss feature. You just need to follow the simple tick list to identify the trades, then select the horses within your saved set up, and you're done in a matter of minutes.

You can choose to trade with the strategies included in the guide using any API that's good fit for you of course, but I am designing the entire V5 upgrade around Hedger Pro.

I'll still support the existing Fairbot files as it's such a great platform, and these will be available. Going forward HP is the better option all round and for good reason, as it contains the data I need to make the trade selection shortlist.

This will save valuable time each day locating the right options and getting them set up within one platform.

I mentioned briefly yesterday that due to the removal of a useful downloadable application from the App Store and Google Play, the process of selection in the current Trade Guide V4 lost one of its valuable selection tools. All existing members will know this as the Betfinder app, which was very handy for the process of elimination.

Not an essential aspect of using the method within the Trade Guide V4, but definitely something that saved a bit of time, contributed to the organization and set up of the days trades following method 1.

The good news is Hedger Pro will host the same selection criteria as the original Betfinder application, and this will ensure we're not at the mercy of the corporate giants and their take over deals. This is what caused the removal of Betfinder, as 888 bought out Bet Bright then disabled the app.

hedger pro

Hedger Pro has a lot of advantages with the vast amount of data contained inside, and these extra features enable quicker trade placement.

The implementation of trades all within the software itself not only solves the problem of the unavailable app, but adds tremendous value with the speed you can work through a race card and set up your day.

Also, Nigel Dove the developer has been working to move Hedger Pro to a new server recently in preparation for the increased work load. This is setting HP up to be the robust reliable trade platform, requires no software download, VPS, and works on Mac and PC.

If you haven't signed up to try Hedger Pro, head over via this link and get the first month for just £9.99.

Even with the server transfer it's working great right now. You can find more about my experiments using it for in play trading within these video blogs:

HP is a go to betting and trading tool helping to assess the race data at a glance, and with the new features for pre race trading being applied to the software, this will be what I use to apply my daily trades.

I will always use some other external sources, and I'm assessing something incredible which is the missing link at this moment. I'll include information and demonstrations for everything I use for guide members, and keep you posted in the blog.

The time it will save though using Hedger Pro to create that initial shortlist, this is a big plus point when it comes to then placing the trades all within the same platform.

Quickly going through the card to establish which horses qualify, all this shaves valuable minutes off the process, as Hedger Pro is a very fast web based platform. I'm looking forward to testing the new trading options when fully integrated to the bet slip, with the addition of the original Betfinder app settings.

It will also mean staying organized with everything in one place will be a breeze, and keeping track of your daily activity. I particularly like the way all the races remain active in HP as you work through the day, and don't disappear, but instead update the data.

The new guide will also be created as a course to go through at your own pace, and when you fully understand each section you can move on to the next, or return to a previous section at any time. Having it broken down in to sections that need a moment of clarification before proceeding to the next I feel is something that's been missing.

These will also be video sections combined with slides.

With a lot of information to take in when it comes to trading, I should have followed this process when creating the first guide, but we live and learn.

Individual strategies will be placed in each section to go through and you'll be led along encouraging you to follow the advice, and then put it to the test before continuing through the guide to the next module.

The aim of the new approach is quite simple, to ensure each member is learning what I'm trying to teach properly, but with periods of summary and confirmation of what's been covered in each section.

Information for beginners will still be included, and my advice on how I think trading Betfair is a continually shifting experience, and what to look out for these days to avoid and take advantage of. What I mean by this is that trading back in 2009 when I first began is totally different to what it is today.

The market reactions and software available, also differing tech and internet capabilities all play a part. Back then it was more like the wild west, which meant you could find yourself in situations to capitalize that just do not happen these days.

I once traded a Greek football match that in my opinion had to be a fixed game, with a correct score market allowing huge sums to be scalped through the market over the 90 minutes on one specific very high score.

This is something these days you'd either never see, or only see briefly until it was either corrected, the market suspended, or a cluster of more experienced traders put up so many barriers you wouldn't get near the trade.

Back in the day (man I sound old) I was able to ride this all the way through the match and make a tidy profit, and this is just one tiny example of how it's all very different nowadays on the exchange.

This new guide update will be a significant one is the point of this diversion, it will cover possibly the next 12 months, but given the nature of the market the guide will continually evolve for members, and all future updates are included for each and every member.

I am however aiming to release a trading system exclusive to just literally a handful of people, which is something I use myself regularly, but if I was to mass release this the system would become redundant.

It could be used by five members at agreed levels, but I'll post more about this to my trade guide members when I've decided on the value and usage levels. I can tell you that this trade method returns me circa £20k per annum using relatively small stake sizes each day, so I know this will be interest to some of you.

Before I wrap up this snapshot of what's to come for trading members, let me explain the position of Focus Ratings with my trading.

I personally use Focus Ratings in a multitude of ways as explained previously, and for pre race trading it's very handy, which I'll demonstrate within the next guide version.

How Focus Ratings integrates with Hedger Pro we're still deciding on the best way forward, and with regard to the bolt on trade method when I know more I'll post here with details of my plans.

The new guide ETA is set for July, so I've time to decide and get it right.

What I do know is I prefer to have Focus Ratings in my tool belt each day than not have it, as it's shown consistently that it increases my win rate.

The fact remains that I've only been using FR since November 2018, so in reality it's a tiny sample of usage getting to grips with this extensive data sent daily.

I'm presently sampling the data using a few different methods to trade, lay bet, and Dutch, all of which are doing very well and heading the right way. These will be included for members at some point soon.

I'm not there yet though with enough of data spread, plus I'm still creating the new subscription set up, and whether this can be merged with Hedger Pro or if it's better kept separate as an add on.

All of this needs to be discussed between Nigel, Keith, and myself, but one thing is certain any decisions made will be with members best interest as the main focal point.

I'll keep you up to speed with my developments of the Trade Guide V5, and once the sites been updated by the end of next week you'll see more of my recent results published.

Any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

My next post will be Tuesday / Wednesday next week, and will cover In Play Trading and Place Betting which are part of the One Subscription package, what my plans are, and how I'll be giving members a lot more than I previously thought I could deliver.

I hope you have a great bank holiday weekend.

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