Trading Betfair

Back to lay or lay to back, that is the question.

For a long time I've found back to lay has been the option I prefer.

However, the trade portfolio will expand in the next Trade Guide Version 5 to include a profitable L2B strategy. This is a welcome new addition to the guide I know members will enjoy using, and opens up scope for a new income stream at a different end of the markets.

If you're an existing member of the Trade Guide V4 or looking to join, this blog will hopefully be of interest.

The new subscription options being published next week will include a lot more than before, and come with everything you need to get started trading using this system.

I've literally taken a long list of confusing subscription plans currently available, and stripped them down to just seven plans, with options to have everything you need in just one subscription. More on this in a post I'll publish next week though once the options are online.

Today I want to cover in what's coming up in the next Trade Guide for existing and new members.

Trading if done correctly can be the most lucrative money maker using Betfair, and something I'll be pushing to the forefront of the new slimmed down Exponential Bet.

Here's a snapshot of my results using automation and a simple method in conjunction with Focus Ratings, Hedger Pro, and Fairbot from Thursday, just with £10 stakes per race looking for roughly 25% ROI per trade. I'm testing the market liquidity with this one to see if I can include it for members, but it shows what's possible with a small investment, using the right tools.