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Hedger Pro In Play Trading

My first Hedger Pro video demonstrating how I locate profitable in play trades is published below.

hedger pro

Early steps using this web based software, and you'll see my learning curve in the video from the first trade, to how I go about selecting the next trades adopting a stop at a profit approach.

Apologies in advance for the monotone voice, that's just me, but I do try and pack a lot in to this video in just under 34 minutes.

What Hedger Pro is, my impressions of the software, explaining how I use it to find the in play trades, going through a day following the criteria explained in the video and laid out below, my results, and give details of what's next both for myself using the software, along with the actual development of Hedger Pro from a fully automated betting and trading stand point.

Hence why the video turned out to be so long on this rainy day, but in future they will be a lot shorter containing examples and specific features as I discover them.

I'll update this post weekly to keep you in the loop as I progress, showing Hedger Pro being used to place the bets, pre race trades, and more in play trading.

Here are my results covering the four in play trade days covered in the video:

Date No. Trades P&L

16/4/19 1 £63.33

19/4/19 4 £58.95

20/4/19 1 £24.51

24/4/19 1 £11.40



The current criteria I work to when looking for potential in play trading opportunities:

  • High PAE (Price Actual / Expected)

  • High APD (Average Price Drop)

  • Select Hedge within the horse information, set left graph to 100% profit, and look for a horse that has done well achieving this profit over time within the right graph.

  • Horses odds of 3.0 upwards to max 15, but must be situated close to the top of the market at time of selection, to give the best chance of being matched in play.

  • A stop at a profit stake method deployed. Either 25% target, or any amount 10% upwards of total stake I'd say is fair for a trading strategy.

This criteria will most definitely change as I get used to the software, and also begin using the built in bet and trade facilities.

The actual in play matching aspect is dealt with at the moment using Fairbot, as it matches from SP to a target odds.

Hedger Pro can be set to match pre race close to jump time, and hedge to a target percentage profit, which is another option, and as I cover in the video, the developer is working on an SP to profit feature.

In the meantime if you want the Fairbot file shown in the video, you need my download link on site for Fairbot for it to actually work. This isn't an affiliate ploy, it's just I run a special version of FB that works with the strategy, and not available via their website direct. You may think you have the latest version, but this is a special download.

I'll be moving on to test Hedger Pro as a pre race trading tool, then assessing the built in trading features in my next blog post.

The goal is to integrate it for my Trade Guide members, so it's an all in one solution, and also fully automated using the in built data.

The automated aspect of Hedger Pro will be useful for all members running in play trading, and pre race trading given the specific features of the software.

I cover a lot in this video so I'll leave this with you, and as mentioned will add to this weekly recording my progress using Hedger Pro.

It's a powerful web based application, and I'm excited to be part of the development with forthcoming integration in to Exponential Bet strategies.

Any questions drop me an email, and I'll get back to you asap.

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