In Play Betting Even Better!

With the release of the in play prototype drawing nearer, I've been busy pushing to see if more profit is achievable each day, and looking at other races to apply the variations of the strategy included with the system.

Always with any bet or trade strategy I stress test, stretch the options, and have one eye potentially looking to extract more profit.

in play betting

It's going very well in testing, and over time I can see the projected 180% balance growth using stop at a winner (shown in the results below) being doubled, trebled, or even more.

The reason for the potential increase in this testing run is due to extending the stop at a single win, to stop at two wins, or even three in a day, as you can see in the screenshots from today. I've been letting it run further some days, depending on my availability.

Not accepting the first win point, and using more of the applicable racing is showing a lot of potential. The pro's for this are you can end the day with a lot more profit if you hit the right run of wins, the con's are you may hit a losing run you would have missed if you took the early profit. Time will tell if this is the best way to run this system, but I have to inspect all potential routes.

bet in play

Another reason for this is to try and adapt the strategy to ultimately become a set and forget in play betting system. Which I know a lot of registered interest has been requesting.