Dutch 4 Commencing From 13/11/17

My current Dutch bet subscribers will already know I've been preparing the final addition to the Dutching service for some time, creatively titled, Dutch 4, or D4 as my Dutch systems get abbreviated.

The time has finally come to let D4 Multiples and Singles loose on the world, and they are set to be a shrewd betting investment.

D4 will be added to my subscription service from the 13th November!

The bets will run most days, as it operates a completely different selection process to the other Dutch bets.

D4 Multiple

With 60 bets recorded using the current template for the D4 Multiple bets, using just 5% of total balance as stake per bet, the return on investment is currently at 122% growth.

If you'd started with £1000 back in August, you would be looking at over £1200 profit.

What I find most impressive using this betting system, is the way it increases the balance, with no drama, taking losses in its stride, and gradually building at an impressive growth rate.


With an average odds presently at 1.73, it can absorb losing days, and recover them without needing too many winning bets.

The results reported here have been achieved with a current strike rate of 75%

The number of selections in a D4 Multiple bet varies depending on the selection criteria being met, but typically in comparison to the other Dutch systems there are less horses selected, giving higher returns.

Here are the last five days screen shots, showing what you can expect with the Dutch 4 Multiple.