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You Are Invited!

I'm sending invitations to the registration list for The JV System and Remote Dutch Betting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 30th October.

Invites will be emailed at 8.30pm to all who've registered when the final race at Dundalk jumps off.

Remote Dutch Betting and the JV System will both commence betting within Cloud Bet Bot on Thursday 31st October for all registered members.

Memberships are limited, so if you're seriously looking to join the window of opportunity will be open until we fill all spaces for each service. I expect them to go quickly.

Existing Remote Dutch Betting members will have the new set up PDF sent to their registered email accounts tomorrow evening, with instructions on how to login to the new service included.

I've fine tuned some settings with Remote Dutch Betting this week to significantly increase the number of winning bets, while keeping the predicted annual points growth to +500 for the Dutching method, and +10,000 for the Straight staking option.

This also shows a more consist profit over the previous two years historical data for both Dutching and Straight betting, which just gives me even more confidence in this service.

Today both RDB Straight Betting and Dutching methods have dominated, and made a solid ROI.

The JV System starts as a brand new Exponential Bet service, and we're delighted to partner with Keith from Focus Ratings to make this powerful betting strategy available for new members.

During the development testing the JV System has performed exactly as expected, and over the long term this strategy should be returning circa +500 point per annum.

We've taken our time getting this ready for you, with Nigel working around the clock on Race Researcher and Cloud Bet Bot.

The set up information is very clear, and all new or existing members will be able to get started within minutes.

For Remote Dutch Betting members the unique Dutch method of staking is explained in full within the PDF with examples.

Find out more about Remote Dutch Betting here:

You've still time to register on the waiting list for both services and receive your invitation tomorrow evening.

Email and just request to be added to either or both lists.

If you've already registered their is no need to email and re register. Please just check your inbox for my reply confirming your added to the list, and you'll hear from me tomorrow evening as promised.

It will be a busy few days getting this service launched and replying to emails, so please bear with me getting back to you, but I always reply personally within 24 hours.

Thank you


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