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Results Updated 4th July

The weekly, monthly, ratchet, and detailed overview results for the Automated Strategies have all been updated to include last weeks numbers.

To view the results for any of the services select Automated Strategies from the main menu, and then from the drop down choose the strategy you wish to examine in more detail.

I'll post a detailed news update later this week covering the monthly and ratchet figures so far, as today I have a banging headache I just can't shift.

Updating all the result info when the monthly figures are included takes hours, so I need to get away from the desk to give the eyes a break.

To quickly summarise, last month for some of the strategies went very well for each bet option including ratchet, but overall if following them all it was not a profitable month.

That said, absolutely no drama, nothing that we haven't seen before many times over, and everything running as expected factoring in the flow of winning and losing days.

Ratchet betting saw Place Back Multi pull back to profit for the target profit option, and recover poor form for exchange straight over the current cycle. Sure Favs Main remains consistent across the board for all betting options using this strategy, and if you look at the detailed overview for that strategy you will be very impressed with the steep upward growth shown in the graph.

Sure Favs High and Foundation took a slight dip over the current three month ratchet period, which we're only just over the first month.

Racing Lays hasn't had a good couple of months, but no drama at all and still well ahead on profit since the trend update last October, but for ratchet the dip this cycle has come at just the right time, as any losing periods are not affecting the ratchet calculation. The ideal scenario is that we pick up now for the second half of the ratchet quarter, as that would push the balance exponentially north.

Incidentally, Racing Lays has over the past couple of months had some days where it does well throughout the day and then loses the last one or two races, and I've been asked if stopping at a profit would be better. I'll give some examples of this in the news update later in the week, but the short answer is no.

The last couple of months we'd have done better and made a small profit, but overall when looking at the bigger picture since the trend update, it is a little bit more profitable just letting the bets run without a stop at a profit, i.e. excluding the final races after a run of wins.

The difference of stopping at a profit compared to leaving it really has no value to change anything is the answer, and as much as it can be a tad frustrating if we've had a good run of wins to have the profit wiped with one final race in the evening, when we take a broader view over the months it does not have any impact on long term growth. Which is how I look at the automated strategies anyway.

Yes it would still be profitable to stop at say four or five points a day, and we would miss the occasional frustrating day with a late losing bet, but in fact the winning to losing bet ratio would be less compared to how it is set right now.

Getting back to the topic of ratchet betting, and the stand out so far in this current quarterly run is Place Lay Multi for profitability with +16 points profit banked so far betting Exchange Straight MTP 1% Ratchet.

However, anything can happen over a three month betting period with ratchet selected as we've seen, and as stated we have some strategies that have dipped, while others are bouncing back to profit.

It will be very interesting to see which comes out on top, and how the ratchet calculation affects performance.

The second favourite is not far behind with Sure Favs Main banking +14.73 points profit, again betting Exchange Straight MTP 1% Ratchet. However, the flow of wins as you can see in the graph below have come over the past weeks to propel the balance upward.

Place Lay Single has seen a drop off and again last week dipped in form, and as the losses come off the back of some early wins we won't need many wins to recoup if it can get a foothold again, given the ratchet calc.

This is a good example of why we do reset each quarter as Place Lay Single has been doing well of late, and these dips in form with a long term ratchet in place can be very negative, but with a quarterly reset in place they are completely manageable.

Okay, I'm starting to feel a bit urgh with this headache so I'll clock off for now, but as stated later in the week sit down and write up a monthly figures assessment, and look further at the ratchet results with some graph and stat examples.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions drop me an email.


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