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Results, New Data, and IPBC Update.

Automated Betting Strategies

The results are up to date on site to include last months betting.

Ratchet betting is updated quarterly, so we have August to complete for the current three month period, then I will add figures for this.

The data update applied on the 1st August made an immediate positive impact last week.

With the latest data installed, the combined strategies recorded an overall profit at +27.15 points.

This is betting 1 point per bet Exchange Straight, with 2% commission deduction, and of course allowing for market variance with price movement returns will vary. As it is exchange betting.

Six of the eight automated betting options returned a profit using the new data. When pre data install they dipped in profit the previous month, as I cover in my blog, A Slab of Honesty and Pledge of Profit.

This is just one week of betting, and as you know it's all about those long term gains with these strategies. I am only really focusing on this week as it marks a big change in the selection process. I'll be now shifting my focus to how they do over the month, three, six, and twelve months etc.

However, following on from my blog post last week, this is hopefully now a clear signal that you can identify a significant change has been made to all of the services.

This will now be reflected in the performance for each of these automated betting strategies, and we will start to see a steady increase in overall profit growth.

We will all see the benefit of this data install. It took a while to drill it all down for each of the strategies, so I'm just pleased to see the hard work pay off with a solid confirmation of double figure points profit across just six betting days.

For the members who have been here from the start, and to all of you new starters, this is the best time to run these automated strategies since we began betting.

The results below are from the start of this month to the end of last week.

Sure Favs Main +4.50

Sure Favs Foundation +9.80

Sure Favs High +5.13

Bet Focus +3.37

Place Back Multi -0.85

Place Lay Single +1.96

Place Lay Multi +5.88

Racing Lays -2.64

In Play Bet Guide

You may have noticed I started uploading some live in play betting, which includes my Betfair P&L within each video. This is to show each bet corresponds to the content I'm publishing, which I can then use this within the In Play Bet Guide.

It will provide live betting examples that show a path of profit over time, and within the guide each bet will be expanded on to explain decision making.

There will be clear strategy pathways, and explanations for how to use the software with the metrics, or just the odds and live feed.

I'll have another video uploaded this week covering a couple of Fairbot bets, and one from Bet Mover.

The idea behind the You Tube videos is to show the progress, and the evidence the bets match this progress.

When I have enough content gathered, I'll be able publish the guide. Which will be an online video library, with strategies, and advice on how to find winning in running bets at value prices each day.

You will see how I made my profit, and with clear explanations be able to mirror this if you wish, or take what you want from the approaches I use in running, and apply them to your own methods.

I want it to be useful for people who have limited time, and can only dip in an out when they do get the availability, but also for people like myself, who could dedicate themselves to it full time if they decide. It has to be worth it to cover your time, effort, investment, and provide enough of a financial return to make it all worthwhile. That is very much front and centre when it comes to the creation of the actual guide itself.

If you want to register for an invitation to access the In Play Bet Guide, you can do so here:

My video content will be available within the blog whenever I upload to You Tube, so providing you're subscribed to my mailing list, you will be kept up to date.

In Play Bet Club

The betting for the In Play Bet Club 2, the new option, got off and running on the 18th July, and it's running as expected.

We've had some long winning runs that reached twelve points in a row, some inevitable losing periods, but also recovery periods with more winning than bets & days. It's as expected with such a large amount of bets.

The new setting has a lot of bet activity pass through it each week, so this is early days on the timeline, a mere blip, considering how much it's expected to bet and return over a twelve month period, this is just a dot on the graph.

I'll get into some assessment of how month by month it can look at some point soon, that would be interesting to do, but at this stage it's all working within expected parameters shown in the pre live for members results.

The difference in results for fixed liability and fixed stake is also very interesting, and I will cover this in an email to members later in the week.

The overall average of twelve points profit per month betting to max stakes is very achievable from everything I have seen thus far, and the impact of live betting from initial tests is virtually identical, with no liquidity issues.

We had one week were the timing caused some to be matched and other not, but that's going to happen, and has nothing to do with bet volumes or liquidity, just the race jumping off dead on time leaving no leeway for everyone to be matched.

Given the high points projections for both fixed stake and liability, these things can be absorbed.

Additionally, each member will reach target profit individually anyway with IPBC, so these differences are to be expected, and were highlighted when the service was first conceived.

Whereas back then I expected far greater differences in returns, now the differences are minimal, and only occasional with things that are totally out of our hands, like the timing a race jumps, not available money in the market, which I have spent a disproportionate amount of time working on solutions to that issue.

It's something I no longer need to dedicate my time, and specifically for IPBC 1 members life is also about to get a lot easier.

I'll be in touch directly with all IPBC members as mentioned, with a more detailed update asap this week.

In Play Bet Club 1 members, the original setting, the bot was stopped from betting today. This is because I can now set your stakes to bet the full amount, not split across ten bets.

This change comes as a result of the membership moving across three options, so the original IPBC 1 setting no longer has the same liquidity and bet matching issues.

You will have betting turned back on this week, I'll email ahead of it to give you a heads up, and I expect your stake to be fully matched on both the wins, and of course the losses, but as you will be matched on the wins with your entire stake in virtually every instance, you will see a huge difference in the balance growth when the pattern of bets works in our favour.

In addition to the stake adjustment to get more money on now we can basically, you will see betting most days again. The bet volume is about to increase to a steady amount, nothing close to IPBC 2 bet volume levels, but still work within the expected annual drawdown.

The increased bet volume comes as a result of the return to fully matching on each bet, as I can now re introduce selections from my original data mining that took approximately a year.

As covered above though, I will go into more detail in a direct membership email update later this week, as soon as possible.

It's still possible to register your interest to join In Play Bet Club whenever spaces become available, which you can do here at the base of this page:

I appreciate your attention today.

Thank you


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