Result Update & News 15th March

Results are now updated for each automated betting service, showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 14/03.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

Last week was astonishingly profitable for most services and betting options.

Sure Favs Main & Sure Favs High both returned circa +20 points profit each at BSP.

Bet Advantage High +22 points, Medium +17 points, and Low setting +12 points profit at BSP.

Racing Lays High Fixed Stake +13 points at BSP, with the +5 Stop option returning +10 points. Racing Lays Main also made a small profit just above break even.

The Fixed Liability options for Racing Lays all won overall on the week.

Lay Dutch Main and High Fixed Liability settings both made money, along with LD High Fixed Stake using MTP.

I'm obviously delighted with the results from last week with the majority of services, with Sure Favs Main and High being a stand out as they both reached new heights.

Sure Favs Main 1.6.20 to 14.03.21

Given these are fully automated strategies it's always a celebration moment when one of them makes a significant push upwards, as we know the graph goes up and down over time.

When we make significant headway like last week it shows what's possible running these systems over the long term, as we never know when these high growth periods will come to launch the balance to a new level.

A very good week for anybody Ratchet betting Sure Favs Main and High.

Sure Favs Foundation pretty much broke even across the week.

Losing strategies over the past seven days were Sure Favs FD Target Profit, Bet Focus Target Profit, Lay Dutch High and Medium Fixed Stake at BSP, but all of these made minimal losses.

Bet Focus Straight being the biggest loser ove