Result Update & In Play Betting News

In today's news update:

  • Automated Betting results.

  • In Play Betting.

  • Other news.

Automated Betting Strategies

The Automated Strategy results are updated and available to view.

Simply select Automated Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet. Then from the drop down choose the service you wish to examine in more detail.

Weekly, ratchet, and detailed overview numbers have all been updated to include last weeks results to the 12th June.

Place Lay Multi was the highest ranked strategy of the week, and so far showing the best numbers for the current quarterly Ratchet betting cycle from the 1st June.

Place Lay Single also banked a profit last week and continues its consistent run of form for the Place Betting service. Whereas Place Back Multi dropped a few points over the week.

Sure Favs had a decent spike in profit mid week, but then dropped in the latter half. However, overall if betting with all three options still finishing in profit across the seven days.