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Result Update & In Play Bet Club News 15th August

The results for the Automated Betting Strategies are updated to the end of the days racing on the 14th August. This includes the detailed overview, weekly, and ratchet figures.

To examine the results in more detail select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet, and from the drop down choose the strategy you wish to explore.

On each of the strategy pages you have result data from when each service began betting. A look at how we got on over the past seven days with the weekly results, plus the month by month overview numbers and ratchet staking figures are available to drill through.

The high points of last week came from Place Lay Multi, Place Back Multi, and Sure Favs Main that continued to maintain its profit momentum. The low points were Racing Lays that dipped the most overall, Bet Focus, and Sure Favs Foundation, which failed to deliver over the weeks betting.

Place Lay Single virtually broke even with both bet options, which after a bad day of losses over the week I consider a break even to be a win overall.

The heatwave played its part with the racing last week, as it was exceptionally hot for the horses which can of course create another factor to filter in. I think the freak weather is just going to become a regular thing we need to accept, and without doubt a trend I will need to analyse to incorporate into the selection method.

You will never win long term without experiencing some losing periods, that is an absolute undisputed fact, but we can minimize losses the more we accumulate this race data for the automated strategies.

We will have some weeks or months for example which go better one way, but not the other. It's the bigger picture we're interested in, and that's how I recommend each strategy be set with that mindset.

Some strategies that started badly this month are now in profit, and this is represented very well in the detailed overview, and for ratchet specifically you can see this dip and recover phase over the running three month cycle from June to end of August.

Sure Favs High is a good example of this as shown below, from the 1st June to 14th August.

The graph shows a long period from where it dropped to the lowest point in June up to where it is now, with a natural run of winning and losing bets to put Sure Favs High running a 1% Ratchet in profit. Place Back Multi also tells a similar story.

Sure Favs Main however is a lot more consistent over the the same timeframe with a 1% Ratchet applied. Albeit operating only on the busiest days of the week, Thursday to Sunday.

After a slow June you can see a steep jump in profit for Sure Favs Main, and then as with the High option a series of wins and losses to push the balance to a decent points profit recorded so far over the quarterly bet cycle.

Remember if you have joined with a One Subscription you do not need to run all services at once, you can run the ones and bet options included that work within your comfort levels, ie low drawdown, bet volume, fixed stake etc.

Simply having a One Subscription membership does not mean you need to have it all turned on at once, because as much as I am sure over the years each service will return a profit, you do need to also have that outlook as some strategies will have better years than others along the way.

My advice is to go over the results and find the best automated strategy for your annual profit goals, based on the performance shown within the stats and graph. Bear in mind from the latter part of last year most of them had a trend update, which is obvious from the results you can see most had this around October and November 2021. Just look at the above mention Sure Favs Main to see the impact of this, or Racing Lays.

Which means you should be really judging performance based on this timeframe, as these are the selection filters in operation. If you need confirmation of the dates filters running the trend update were applied, just drop me an email and I can help you with this.

The point being, if you want to build a successful betting portfolio running the fully automated strategies, find the ones that fit in with your expectations and understand why, then set up your points balance correctly to just let them run for the full twelve months.

Then re assess and re invest. You could then look to broaden your portfolio of strategies based on the results for other not included strategies, and increase your range.

I want each member to have long term success with these bet investments, and any help or advice I can give to ensure you get off on the right foot I will do my utmost to provide.

My new office is finally being completed next month, so I expect early to mid October I'll be back in and set up. Extra content I have promised including 1 on 1 training and betting and trading guide will all follow shortly after I have my permanent base back. I'll have the creative space to be able to complete projects faster, plus my in play betting routine will then be settled.

Back to my thread, if you are a member of the automated services please do take a look at the results and also the available bet options. Assess what you want out of it from your financial investment, and mix and match the strategies that operate within your acceptable comfort levels to begin with.

You can re invest on the higher volatility options with profit further down the line if you decide the risk reward is right for you, but if not can continue with your current set up that is more suited to your investment style. It's having a long term view from the start and running strategies you understand why you have selected them based on performance that is the key to success.

It may sound obvious, but when you think of the betting industry in general you know that a lot of people don't read or watch the important details, and just want to get started fast and get rich quick.

I go the extra miles to try make it clear get rich quick in betting is basically just good luck, and if you have it on a bet and make a lot of money, good for you. Withdraw it and enjoy it.

I had some luck betting on Liverpool in the Champions League final, my one and only football bet of the year and it came in at odds of 70 decimal on a £50 bet. Fantastic. I withdrew it and put the money toward my new office build. A bit of luck and judgement based on my knowledge of LFC, but I couldn't base a strategy or investment portfolio on it.

If you are looking at investing money you can afford to let it run over the years to build a sizable investment amount, which you can then cash out further down the line, then Exponential Bet could be for you.

I'm mentioning all this now regarding choosing the right bet options to try and avoid the situation where a member joins, throws everything at everything without spending time first to find the right bet options, and then we have some of the services having a dip over a period of months causing no profit if running them all for this timeframe.

That happens, but then when the services that have dipped, usually the higher volatility options, they eventually have their moment in the sun and recover to push on recouping to a new profit high, this is where some members that have just joined and started the lot have previously cancelled and missed the gains.

It is better to start minimal and targeted on the lower drawdown options that have good steady returns in my opinion, then expand later, as you are more likely to stick at it and reap the benefit.

That is my advice on starting your betting portfolio with the automated strategies.

There is a video on each of the strategy pages showing how to set up and organise your staking, and when a new member signs up a link to download the latest PDF is sent within a welcome email. Both of these walk you through the process to ensure you have the right points allocation to go the distance and reap long term rewards from the services.

Here is the video and it contains everything you need to be set up correctly. If you ever need any further advice or for me to check your bot settings, I'd rather do this and make sure you're set up right from the start.

Just a heads up, I had a cold when recording this video and sound even more like Thomas the Tank Engine that usual.

Next weeks results will be updated on Tuesday instead of Monday, due to the fact I will be driving back from York on Monday.

In Play Bet Club News

I'm on target to finish the data grind by mid this week as planned, and then I'll need to double check the sheet for any errors or corrections I need to make.

After which I'll conclude my filters and recommended approach with a schedule of betting days over the week.

When the excel sheet is ready with my recommendations I'll upload this to a member section on site with a password sent to members, and explain everything for you to assess the results yourself.

I'll give you a chance to voice your feedback, and any voting that's required to proceed I will set up like last time before we get going live betting.

It's feeling like a huge weight off my shoulders has been lifted as I near completion of the data accumulation. I can prepare for the next stage to prep for live betting, and then getting into a consistent betting routine each week will be an absolute pleasure for me personally.

As stated I expect to be up to the present day with the data mid this week, then I'll begin the tidy up, and if I have time drill through and begin organising it to share with you to assess. As I have planned a break to give my brain a rest from Friday to Monday.

I put in a double shift over the past seven days to maintain my push to reach the finish line with the data accumulation this week, got in to the zone with the garden room doors open, sunshine outside, music on, and got through as many races as humanly possible.

I resist the constant urge to start dabbling through the data and assess the results, which I was doing earlier on and slowed me down a tad, as I just want all the numbers in and I will assess it in detail when I have everything complete later this week.

As I'm away from Friday to Monday and back at the desk Tuesday, I'll need a couple of days catch up at least, and aiming to have the data online for you either by the end of next week, or start of week after.

Then it's a case of as quickly as I can get your feedback and / or confirmation of my recommended approach to start live betting, then we will be off and running either by the end of this month, or start of next. It shouldn't take any longer than that.

Okay that's it from me today. I have that feeling like I've forgotten to tell you something or include information in the blog somewhere, but if it comes back to me I'll publish another post later in the week.

I will send you a quick email in the week when I finish the data assessment and double checked it, as that is like reaching the summit after a long climb, I'll want to share this and celebrate.

Thanks for reading.


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