Result Update 23rd May


I'd normally post a news update on a Monday to let you know the results are available to view for all services, including the Detailed Overview, Weekly, and Ratchet figures.

Nigel the developer for Cloud Bet Bot and my Researcher tool that triggers the automated bets is currently working to update the code, so I've been unable to access and upload the figures to the site today.

I may have to defer the results to next Monday, but ideally he'll have the job finished by midweek and I'll bring the numbers up to date then.

I can give you a rough walk through of the wins and losses for last week in the meantime, as I did manage to capture some results after racing last night, and a few screenshots, but just not everything to complete a usual weekly result update.

Apologies for the inconvenience, I'm just as miffed about it as I want the results regularly updated, and I also plan my working week around this. To be fair to the big ginger giant he must need to do the work otherwise he'd have done it outside of business hours.

This obviously won't interfere with betting in any way, it's just my ability to report the results has been hampered until he finishes the back end programming for Cloud Bet Bot and Researcher.

Last week's round up of results came in as follows, with Sure Favs Foundation doing the best overall returning approx. +13.76 points profit straight staking, Place Lay Single finished in second place with +7 points, Place Lay Multi and Sure Favs Main both returned approx. +5 points, Bet Focus and Racing Lays both made around +3 points, with Place Back Multi and Sure Favs High the only two dropping points dipping -5 respectively.

Sure Favs Foundation - Exchange Straight - 16th to 22nd May