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Monthly & Ratchet Result Overview

In today's news update:

  • Monthly & ratchet quarterly Automated Strategy result overview.

  • In other news...

Before I get to it today I'd just like to let you know all the results are now uploaded and available to view at Exponential Bet for the Automated Strategies.

Weekly and detailed overview figures go up to the end of last week as standard, but the monthly figures are also added covering May, and Ratchet has been updated for the entire quarterly period, ie March to May bet cycle.

To examine any of the betting options for each of the four services simply select Automated Strategies from the main menu, and then choose the strategy to look at in more detail from the drop down.

To make life easier I'm going to do a whistle stop tour of the strategies covering some highlights and trends from the monthly and ratchet figures.

A picture paints a thousand words, so I'll mostly let the stats and graphs do the talking today.

Sure Favs

Monthly Update:

Sure Favs across all three betting options last month made a profit.

If you were betting using any of the combinations you made a decent return on your investment.

Sure Favs Foundation came out on top betting using Exchange Straight (MTP), which if you don't already know is minutes to post betting direct to the exchange.

Exchange Straight is one of the three settings available to select in the software when operating Sure Favs, the other two being BSP (Betfair Starting Price), and Target Profit.

Sure Favs Foundation - Exchange Straight - 1st to 31st May 2022

You can see the BSP result for the month at +13.29, but MTP betting direct to the exchange made slightly more profit +15.49 points banked over the month flat staking with 1 point per bet.

More losing bets than winners overall, but the impressive ROI and average odds on the bets meant we finished the month in profit, and bounced back from a dip in form earlier in the month to end on a high.

The other two options for Sure Favs, Main and High also finished with a double digit profit each when betting direct to the exchange, with BSP slightly lower, then followed by Target Profit.

Overall a very good month for Sure Favs, continuing the trend we've seen for the past few months banking profits for members running this fully automated favourite backing service.

Ratchet Update:

The ratchet option is available within the software to select if you wish to have the stake increase by a set percentage each day your betting balance goes up.

Ratchet Staking is when you set a start balance and a percentage within the bot, then whenever the balance increases to a new profit high, the following day the bot will adjust the stake to match that higher amount. It does not reduce if the balance goes down.

I adopt a quarterly reset approach to ratchet bets, and highly recommend you also follow this method if deciding ratchet is the way to go.

Over the past quarter for Sure Favs, which ran from the 1st March to 31st May 2022, all the betting options made money and finished in profit.

This is betting using a 1% Ratchet that increased the starting stake by 1% of the start bank each day the balance went up.

There is a video showing how to set up stakes and the bot on each of the strategy pages, which I would advise watching if you're serious about using this method of betting, or before starting any stake set up within the software.

The strategy option from Sure Favs that finished on top for the three month betting period using 1% Ratchet was Sure Favs High.

Results betting with a ratchet will differ to straight flat staking, for the obvious reason your stake per bet each day is dependent on whether it has increased from the day before.

This can mean on a winning day your balance can sky rocket, but on a losing day further in to the quarterly cycle it can deplete points faster.

This is the caveat of a ratchet set up and you have to be set up to take into account more risk on the losing days further in to the betting cycle

With the right points management advised on the ratchet page adhered to, and by implementing a quarterly approach to reset the ratchet calculation every quarter to not let it become a monster capable of wiping your balance with a few losses, but instead gently ease the balance up with a boost every few months, betting with ratchet selected as you can see from the overview from all three Sure Favs options can be profitable taking all this in to account.

Sure Favs High 1% Ratchet - Exchange Straight - 1st March to 31st May 2022

+55.90 points profit banked across the three month bet period with the 1% Ratchet deployed, with a very impressive ROI and average odds on each bet. We lost a lot more bets than we won, but actual winning and losing days were closely matched.

It's never a straightforward easy ride with any investment, and if you followed Sure Favs High with a 1% Ratchet from March to May it would have been better for the month to have finished possibly a week or so early, with a dip in form near the end of the period, but still with enough resistance and winners to end with a decent profit accumulated.

The bank is obviously reset now for the coming quarter from June to August, and it will be interesting to see what this three month ratchet betting has in store for us. Ideally we better the prior few months, but if we're finishing in profit for all three options, or overall at least with one or two carrying another option, that will be a success.

I have to point out that Sure Favs Main and Foundation both did amazing over this bet period with the 1% Ratchet, and they both had low drawdown figures, which is incredible really when running ratchet staking for any bet strategy over approx. 90 days.

Bet Focus

Bet Focus I have always promoted as a luxury item. It's the service that can make the most money over a day backing to win, and targets the higher odds horses at value prices in each race.

As such it is more volatile and susceptible to larger balance swings, but this is the point of it. You are risking more and have a points set up to accommodate this, but you will have longer periods of losing before hitting a run of wins that propel the balance to a new high point.

The past twelve months compared to the previous twelve haven't been profitable for Bet Focus, but over the full two year period the points balance is still up to +413 points if betting MTP.

That's still an impressive number, but it has previously hit over +600 points profit, so this is as stated something you need to factor in if operating this strategy.

If you're looking for consistent steady growth that is more dependable and predictable with the winning and losing periods, you should leave Bet Focus out of your portfolio.

If you want a wild card in the mix that over just a few weeks of the year could push the profit up by a few hundred points, and you're fine letting it operate within its recommended points balance during this time, also betting with money you feel comfortable, this could be one to include within your portfolio.

It's the definition of a strategy that will have winning and losing years, which its shown from the previous two to date.

The coming twelve month betting could be the polar opposite to what we've seen in the past twelve, and with an upcoming trend analysis still to be applied I would expect this to be the case, but the core value and goals of the project with Bet Focus will always remain the same.

It will be more volatile than any other automated bet strategy, and it will also remain potentially the most profitable in the shortest amount of time.

This can be either exciting as an investment, or off putting. For example last week the strategy beat all others hands down returning over 27 points profit flat staking exchange straight.

Bet Focus - Exchange Straight - 23rd to 29th May

However, if you look below across the month this did not return a profit. Finishing -3.51 points down overall betting MTP.

You can view the monthly figures here:

It can be a bumpy ride following Bet Focus, but I'm strapped in ready for this, as I know the profitable years will outweigh the losing years, and this could be by quite a margin.

It is the sort of service that could middle along for a long period dropping points, and then return ten times what it lost over it's prior bet period.

As part of my retirement goals I expect to be able to withdraw my invested money with profits returned for Bet Focus after five years betting, or if reaches +2000 points profit, whichever comes first.

I'll then reset the bank and points balance to go again.

There is no active Ratchet betting for Bet Focus anymore. I withdrew my profit from this earlier in the year, and now focus purely on the straight staking option with my bet investment.

Target Profit is an option if you want to follow the service with a very low drawdown of course, and you also still have the option to include ratchet, but my view after running Bet Focus for two years now is straight staking is the most exciting and potentially rewarding long term, and the results reflect this.

Place Betting

This service comes with three different strategies included, and they are all very different in how they bet. I'd suggest having a read on the service page via the link above if you're unfamiliar with them, as we have backing and laying in the Betfair place market covered.

Monthly Update:

From the three betting options included with Place Betting last month two made a profit, Place Lay Multi and Place Lay Single, with Place Back Multi dropping points during May.

Place Lay Multi betting MTP made the most profit with +23.69 points banked during May.

A rocky start to the month, with a gradual increase to finish May in profit. From the 51 races covered it was pretty even for wins and losses, but with 171 actual bets placed across the month the fact we had such a low drawdown in single digits is excellent to see.

Place Lay Single finished at +12.50 points profit betting MTP, and always with an interesting graph as it operates using stop at a profit when 0.9 points is reached each day.

The jerky look to the graph reveals the days it had to continue betting until either the end of the day, or when a profit was reached.

However, this doesn't paint a true picture as overall we made more profit betting compared to recorded in the software, as some bets went on before winners were settled, but that's fine and accepted when using a stop at a profit strategy with automated software.

Even leaving out some wins for Place Lay Single it still finished second from the three, and in double digits with plenty of bets, a very high strike rate, and 26 win days compared to just 4 losing days, so if you hate the feeling of losing a days betting this is the strategy for you.

Place Back Multi has been consistently profitable for the past four months, but unfortunately last month the service missed the mark dropping -20.25 points if opting for MTP.

It's a good example of how it can be when you're close but no cigar as they say, because from the 47 losses we were more often than not just out of the placed positions which would have put us in profit for the month. A disappointing month for Place Back Multi though without doubt.


There was very little between Place Lay Multi and Place Lay Single over the quarterly ratchet betting period, but PLM just edged it with a strong month of May compared to the more stop start style of PLS results accumulated, finishing the three month bet pattern a whisker behind PLM, but with more than double the bet volume.

Two very different place market lay betting strategies, but both returning over +53 points profit from March to May between them using MTP and the 1% Ratchet.

Place Lay Multi - 1% Ratchet - 1st March to 31st May

Place Lay Single - 1% Ratchet - 1st March to 31st May

Place Back Multi we can see was on course to finish in profit, but the impact of May's results put it -12.92 points down betting using MTP and the 1% Ratchet.

If you were running all three place betting services over the quarter using MTP and the 1% Ratchet obviously you would still be nicely in profit, and absorbed the losses from PBM.

Racing Lays

Racing Lays places a single lay bet in qualifying races for members.

It has been on fire recently with just one month in the last six dropping just half a point, and the rest making +142.17 points profit. Which is quite a haul of profit from November last year when the trend analysis update was added.

Before I get to some exciting numbers recorded with Ratchet betting selected for Racing Lays, let's first look at the monthly stats.

Monthly Update:

May was unfortunately a losing month for the service, but in the grand scheme of things not by much, and the service did put up quite a fight. It was just a couple of losses that dragged down the balance to finish in the minus.

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight (MTP) - 1st to 31st May

We need a strike rate 80% or more usually to finish in profit, at just over break even, and we were just below this over May with too many losing bets. We still had more winning than losing days of course, and no concerns with drawdown considering we had 96 bets placed at average odds of 5.31 and fixed stake laying.

Liability betting only dropped a few points overall in comparison and the drawdown was minimal, but it wasn't enough of a fight back on the winning days to push us into profit.


I'll let the stats and graphs do the talking in this section.

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight 1% Ratchet - 1st March to 31st May 2022

The dip in form during May obviously cost us points as we were on target to finish over +110 in profit, but even with the drop off +73.89 points profit over three months betting fixed stake using a 1% Ratchet is very good form.

The inevitable losses came near the end of the three month cycle and had more of an impact than they would at the start obviously, but with the profit banked and performance levels shown to date already since the trend update, I was never concerned we'd be finishing with less than 50 points banked come the final couple of weeks of the quarter, so +73 was a nice solid finish to the ratchet bet period.

We now reset and go again for another three months from June to August, and hopefully better the form shown over the past three.

Racing Lays - Liability Betting 1% Ratchet - 1st March to 31st May 2022

You can see betting with Fixed Liability compared to Fixed Stake follows the same pattern with the graphs side by side, and has a lot less risk involved, but the profit is a lot lower at +16.26 MTP.

However, three months betting with this in place and only a single digit drawdown is very appealing for some members, and with BSP also an option this makes higher staking possible for the investor who likes to put more in and go for the smaller percentage gains, but with large sums. Horses for courses as they say.

Okay that's my round up today covering some of the highs and lows from May and Ratchet figures for all of the automated services over the past three months.

I'm sure to have missed a few points here and there, so if you have any questions about any of the above please get in touch, and I'll do my best to answer all questions promptly.

In Other News...

Staying on topic with Racing Lays I've kept the Main and +5 Stop options available for a further week, as I see a couple of members still have stakes set up with these two.

Please switch your stake to just use High, as from Sunday this week that will be the only option available, as they all operate the same selection method.

I've tried writing to the members directly, but no reply as yet. Hence why they are still in the bot at the moment, but as stated just use High setting please.

The results on site will only show High from next weeks update, with the +5 and Main results added to history and still available to view, but just not on the main page as it will just confuse potential new members.

I'll make sure it's linked and available though, so if you can't find it and want to view the history at any time let me know.

Next weeks result update will take us to the two year point for the detailed overview for Sure Favs, Bet Focus, and Racing lays, as Place Betting started later in 2020.

I'll do a focus on these services two years in and look at the significant timeline moments where trend updates have been applied.

I've started collating content for the In Play Betting Guide and aiming to have this done for the end of June.

It will be part one for this series, with part two due out by the end of the year adding more content and ways to use Bet Mover betting in play, or direct to the exchange using alternate software and the live stream.

At the moment I'm stuck assessing live in play data to increase the bet volume ten fold at least for in play betting, and will have this in operation for In Play Bet Club members by the end of the month.

If you want to register for when spaces become available you can do so here via this link at the bottom of the page:

I don't know when spaces will become available yet, but after we get going with the increased bet volume and using quarter stakes to maximum betting, I'll have a better idea after a couple of months, and expect to be hitting 12 points profit target fixed liability betting every four to six weeks then after. More on this to follow though when I've a history of live betting at that volume recorded.

Righty ho that's it from me today, my hands are aching from this long update, the dogs are barking needing a late walk, and I think I've added enough for one day.

I hope you have a great week and enjoy a bank holiday break if it applies to your line of work.

Thanks for reading.


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