Monthly & Ratchet Result Overview

In today's news update:

  • Monthly & ratchet quarterly Automated Strategy result overview.

  • In other news...

Before I get to it today I'd just like to let you know all the results are now uploaded and available to view at Exponential Bet for the Automated Strategies.

Weekly and detailed overview figures go up to the end of last week as standard, but the monthly figures are also added covering May, and Ratchet has been updated for the entire quarterly period, ie March to May bet cycle.

To examine any of the betting options for each of the four services simply select Automated Strategies from the main menu, and then choose the strategy to look at in more detail from the drop down.

To make life easier I'm going to do a whistle stop tour of the strategies covering some highlights and trends from the monthly and ratchet figures.

A picture paints a thousand words, so I'll mostly let the stats and graphs do the talking today.

Sure Favs

Monthly Update:

Sure Favs across all three betting options last month made a profit.

If you were betting using any of the combinations you made a decent return on your investment.