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JV System £136k Tax Free Profit

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

It's roughly a month since the JV System went live, and it's delivering on its promises.

If backing using £100.00 per bet with a sensible overall investment to deal with the ups and downs, you would have returned £136,512.00 from 1st Jan 18 to 27th Nov 19.

From the 31st Oct 19 to the 27th Nov 19 when Keith last updated the Excel sheet, which is available in full to download here: The JV System has made a profit of £2070.84 with a £100.00 per flat stake bet on each selection.

This is running exactly as we predicted, with some ups and downs to reach this point.

Considering the strategy costs £99.99 for the first three months membership, this is not a bad deal even if using £10 per bet with a £207.00 profit banked over this betting period.

However, as I cover later on this is a long term growth system and the Excel download clearly shows this.

When you take into account it's November and the winter months full of non runners, cancelled meetings etc, the JV System is doing well.

The JV System operates within the horse racing markets and uses the Betfair Exchange, at the moment backing horses to win only.

It runs using Cloud Bet Bot, the online platform which automatically places bets for members. This was created and is managed by Nigel Dove a Betfair Approved and Listed Developer.

We'll be adding a place market option to the service soon, because when the bets don't win they come very close more often than not.

We've found the data points to this being a profitable betting strategy, and one that a lot of members who like to win more often during the betting cycle will appreciate.

I'll be adding the stats and historical results for place betting asap, along with hedging in running data which we will ideally be adding early next year, and also a stop at a profit option around the same time.

The first update to be included though will be for the place market, which is now programmed into Cloud Bet Bot, and we're finalizing the placement process.

Here are some words from Keith from

who created JV System using Race Researcher.



As you know I spend time every morning validating the selections and then during the day, noting the results.

We've had a good first month and have ended up delivering pretty much what we promised.

We had a great start to the month with 7 winners from the 22 selections in the first 4 days.

I do have to say that November, overall, has been a bit difficult with abandoned meetings and some horrendous weather.

As you know, I do have a bit of a bee up my bum when it comes to weather; I'm convinced that it's not just the weather on race day that matters - it more a case of the weather during the few weeks before the race day, when the horses are being trained for that race, that matters just as much.

However, the system proved its worth by returning us a 18.12% strike rate and a 19.94% profit (after commission).

The highlights for me have been some of the high-priced winners...

Lingfield - 16/11/19 - 15:45 - Shifting Gold - won at 12.50 BSP

Musselburgh - 25/11/19 - 13:55 - I'm Too Generous - won at 14.83 BSP

Are two that stood out.

The 26th of November was also an amazing day with 3 winners from the 5 selections. This is what one of the members had to say...

Keith Amazing evening today. Thank you very much for the system/ratings. Long may it continue 📷 Steve.

I'll continue to monitor on a daily basis and am quite confident that we've got good things to come.

One of our members did ask me why, on some days, we only show selections for one meeting.

Obviously, I explained that the system is very selective and some racecourses are excluded. I only mention this as you want to share this with our members in case, they are wondering the very same thing.

My kindest regards


P.S. Please let our members know that, should they have any questions about the JV System they should feel free to contact me at


I'm excited to be part of the JV System team, and personally delighted to have it included in my betting portfolio for the years to come.

I've set up my bank according to how the betting system runs, and will do the same when the place bets are introduced.

With the possibility of returning over £100k running this over a couple of years, why wouldn't I be excited!

You can see in this snapshot example from the 31st October to the 27th November.

The winning and losing runs are here to see, and what's required to be successful running this system.

Which brings me to a point I need to get off my chest, as I want to make it crystal clear who this type of betting system will suit, and who it wont.

As you can see in the above result snapshot we have losing days and winning periods.

Sometimes the losing run can last a long time before a winning selection lands, you can see it within the screenshot above, and via the Excel download.

We provide all the information to make an informed choice with our services, and the tools to do the job, in this case Cloud Bet Bot.

The winning selections recover and losses and over time push ahead to a new profit high, which then creates the buffer to weather the inevitable losses, but it's set up for long term growth and this betting process is exactly as expected.

If you're not somebody who can manage a betting bank to absorb the dips, you will never reach the winning points.

Members who set themselves up to follow the strategy with realistic expectations have the best chance of success with this type of betting.

You can see in the detailed results download and in the screenshot, the banked profit sticking to the £100 per bet sits at £136,511.84 as mentioned at the start of the post.

Over this period though you're investment will have gone up and down.

Members who jump in and out, start following the system and then stop it at the first losing run, these members will obviously miss the winning periods.

In my opinion if this is your style of betting their is absolutely no point joining and starting.

If you're going to be uncomfortable seeing your balance deplete over a period of days or weeks before hitting a run of wins, then this service is not for you.

If the losses are making you uneasy over the betting period, then whatever staking you've set up is likely to be too aggressive putting you out of your comfort zone, which we actively discourage.

I write this on the JV System home page, I've published in the blog about staking and bank management, and also added a Member Guideline section accessible from site the menu.

I've tried to encourage members with the right mindset to join who will succeed over the years with this system, and to actively discourage people who I feel won't be able to manage a betting bank correctly, stop start, and ultimately leave the service on a losing run missing the wins.

I'm unaware of any other site that goes out of its way to discourage people from joining! The only reason I do this is because I only want members succeed, that's literally it.

If a member joins and is messaging me with tons of questions each day about the results, panicking at the first losing day or week, and is betting with money they cannot afford to lose with staking that is not in line with their overall betting investment, this person in my opinion should not be betting.

They need to take control of their issues. It's not what I want to see for anyone obviously, as I publish all the information I can to let people know what to expect, and it's also disappointing and time consuming dealing with the emails trying to realign expectations, and explain points bank management.

I go the extra mile and a half to lay it down exactly as it is before hand, all the stats are there to view, the Excel download updated regularly, details of how the service was created and what's involved / what to expect, along with the entire set up process covered, but I still get members that ignore all of this and pile in with all their funds on huge bets, which is not the right way.

A sensible staking approach is required, where your overall investment is split in to points balances, and a percentage of these is used as your 1% per bet (as an example).

You can read my previous post on Staking and Bank Management here:

These are betting systems let's not forget this, they are not guaranteed to perform exactly as you want them too each week or month, the income as shown on the download sheet is variable. With anything like this it will carry some risk, and a level of control from yourself to be organised, realistic, and keep a cool head.

We do our best with all members, and I don't want this post to end on a negative, as this isn't my intention to bitch about anyone.

I've spent morning to bedtime answering questions that are already published and available either on my site, or via a quick Google search, so I don't think anyone can say I haven't put in the time with them when required.

The entire point I'm making here is, there are some serious profits to be made following our strategies if you set yourself up to be equipped to run them over the years, and truly have a long term view of your betting.

£136k over a two year betting period is not to be sniffed at, but you need the right mindset and an investment you can afford to lose basically.

If you put in money that you can let slide if it all went tits up, you're equipped to get through those long inevitable losing spells, and see the balance grow again when the winners land.

I'll post again over the next couple of days with an update on my trading, as I've recorded a good video that shows an example of waiting it out for the right result. Where a trade drifted for a loss, but as I had everything set up to automate when the money moved in my favour I waited and returned my expected profit.

It won't always go my way and my investment is set up for this, but as long as it does enough for me to profit that's all that matters.

I'll also post again later in the week with an update on Auto Dutch and Remote Dutch Betting.

If you still think the JV System is for you then you can sign up here:

Thank you


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