JV System £136k Tax Free Profit

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

It's roughly a month since the JV System went live, and it's delivering on its promises.

If backing using £100.00 per bet with a sensible overall investment to deal with the ups and downs, you would have returned £136,512.00 from 1st Jan 18 to 27th Nov 19.

From the 31st Oct 19 to the 27th Nov 19 when Keith last updated the Excel sheet, which is available in full to download here:

https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/jv-system The JV System has made a profit of £2070.84 with a £100.00 per flat stake bet on each selection.

This is running exactly as we predicted, with some ups and downs to reach this point.

Considering the strategy costs £99.99 for the first three months membership, this is not a bad deal even if using £10 per bet with a £207.00 profit banked over this betting period.

However, as I cover later on this is a long term growth system and the Excel download clearly shows this.

When you take into account it's November and the winter months full of non runners, cancelled meetings etc, the JV System is doing well.

The JV System operates within the horse racing markets and uses the Betfair Exchange, at the moment backing horses to win only.

It runs using Cloud Bet Bot, the online platform which automatically places bets for members. This was created and is managed by Nigel Dove a Betfair Approved and Listed Developer.

We'll be adding a place market option to the service soon, because when the bets don't win they come very close more often than not.