JV MK2 Betting System

It's taken a while to adjust to the new race card, and initially in July JV MK2 Betting System struggled to settle in, but with a few adjustments to accommodate to the obvious changes to racing, we're now back to showing the form we had pre lockdown. In fact, we're performing even better.

betting system

With just a few simple adjustments we've been able to win 13 days of the past 14, and see a points balance increase of 28.72.

This is a back to win betting system, looking for the most likely winner in each race, and bets placed just minutes pre race to try to increase the chances of success.

Since I began dev testing this version after taking over the service in January, from the 1/1/20 to 9/8/20 I'm delighted to report 64.71 points profit.

BTW, all results shown are recorded to Betfair Starting Price, BSP.

horse racing betting

A strike rate of 39.03%, with an average odds per bet of 3.19. The drawdown from looking at the graph you can see is circa 20 points so far, and that's taking in to account the poor restart in July when we recommenced betting.