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In Play Betting Week 28

If you're interested in my in play betting, as I gather new content to include within the In Play Bet Guide, I've just uploaded week 28's bets using Bet Mover.

These bets are really to get my eye in, and back in practice using the platform.

It's early days yet, with just five bets to begin building the £500 investment put in to this project.

If you'd like to register for an invitation to access the In Play Bet Guide once it's complete, you can do exactly that here:

Should you decide to join Bet Mover, you can sign up here:

If you're a new subscriber you will get a 10% discount on your first month TPD Zone with code: EXPOBET

You have to use at the checkout where they prompt you to enter a promo or voucher code.

Not only that, you help support my You Tube channel, which I do greatly appreciate.

Here's the video below, and I will have Week 29 activity uploaded asap.

Don't forget to like, subscribe, and all that.

Thanks, Ryan

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