Exponential Bet News 28th December

This is a status report for the Trading Service, Auto Dutch, and including updates with new features for JV System, Remote Dutch Betting, and my new Betting For A Living project.

I've another post I've been working on titled Automated vs Manual Betting I'll publish over the next few days.

I just wanted to give a where we're at for the above mentioned services within this news post.

Starting with the Trading Service V5 update, and with this I'm at the final stages of editing the content ready to publish next week as planned.

This will depend on whether Hedger Pro is set up to run the trades as shown in the update.

After a conversation with Nigel last week I see no reason for it not to be ready by the end of next week.

Auto Dutch has taken a new direction due to the fact I have access to an improved Race Researcher platform, and it's made me hold off with the version update I felt was the best version to publish.

If I can deliver something that produces more profit for the sake of a few weeks more analysis, then it's a no brainer.

I've withdrawn my cloud service submission for Auto Dutch, and will resubmit this to the developer for implementation circa mid January.

The JV System has been worked on by Keith from Focus Ratings to include a new filtering process. This is to significantly increase the win ratio and return a higher than predicted return on investment.

He's been sending updates to me each morning ahead of the days racing, and it's looking like a big step up on the currently available version.

I'll let Keith explain this once the update is ready to roll out, with the logic behind it, and how it's an advancement on the existing version.

What's clear is that the service can perform better, and is not taking the best advantage of each opportunity in every race it selects. In my opinion if left under the current setting for a period of years it will in fact deliver on the expected ROI.

I also feel that given the way the JV System was created using the first version of Race Researcher, and seeing first hand how this platform has developed in such a brief period to provide a much clearer output of results, it makes perfect sense to adopt these in to the JV System and increase its overall performance, while maintaining the initial selection foundation.

Both JV and RDB will have new features included early 2020, starting with Place Betting, then after we're looking at Hedging and Stop at a Profit betting methods.