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Exponential Bet News 28th December

This is a status report for the Trading Service, Auto Dutch, and including updates with new features for JV System, Remote Dutch Betting, and my new Betting For A Living project.

I've another post I've been working on titled Automated vs Manual Betting I'll publish over the next few days.

I just wanted to give a where we're at for the above mentioned services within this news post.

Starting with the Trading Service V5 update, and with this I'm at the final stages of editing the content ready to publish next week as planned.

This will depend on whether Hedger Pro is set up to run the trades as shown in the update.

After a conversation with Nigel last week I see no reason for it not to be ready by the end of next week.

Auto Dutch has taken a new direction due to the fact I have access to an improved Race Researcher platform, and it's made me hold off with the version update I felt was the best version to publish.

If I can deliver something that produces more profit for the sake of a few weeks more analysis, then it's a no brainer.

I've withdrawn my cloud service submission for Auto Dutch, and will resubmit this to the developer for implementation circa mid January.

The JV System has been worked on by Keith from Focus Ratings to include a new filtering process. This is to significantly increase the win ratio and return a higher than predicted return on investment.

He's been sending updates to me each morning ahead of the days racing, and it's looking like a big step up on the currently available version.

I'll let Keith explain this once the update is ready to roll out, with the logic behind it, and how it's an advancement on the existing version.

What's clear is that the service can perform better, and is not taking the best advantage of each opportunity in every race it selects. In my opinion if left under the current setting for a period of years it will in fact deliver on the expected ROI.

I also feel that given the way the JV System was created using the first version of Race Researcher, and seeing first hand how this platform has developed in such a brief period to provide a much clearer output of results, it makes perfect sense to adopt these in to the JV System and increase its overall performance, while maintaining the initial selection foundation.

Both JV and RDB will have new features included early 2020, starting with Place Betting, then after we're looking at Hedging and Stop at a Profit betting methods.

Also, the results output from Race Researcher will be set up for regular updates, and we'll be aiming at a breakdown easier to navigate for both services, more info to follow on this in January.

Which brings me to Remote Dutch Betting, and this is something I've also been working to adopt the new features within Race Researcher.

December has without doubt seen the impact of this with an upward turn and more winning Dutch bets.

Acknowledging the time of year, race quality, and giving the conditions some respect is something I've factored in to this turnaround, which will continue over the remaining winter months, as we look to exploit the best of the best racing in 2020 with this betting service.

The automated aspect of the Dutch betting process has been rewired and will be installed from January, which will then see a step up in profit growth over the twelve months ahead of us.

How is it possible and why have you made the changes I get asked, well as explained Race Researcher has now evolved and allowed me more freedom to work with my data from a new angle, so I have to acknowledge and incorporate this in to the service for the benefit of the everyone involved. We all want to profit more often.

Remote Dutch Betting will become a stand out service on the web for anyone looking to set up and leave a betting system running using the Betfair Exchange.

Quite a bold statement... However, I now have some incredible data analysis tools at my disposal that did not exist when I created this system, combined with an unwavering determination to over deliver to my members.

I know that when we made both the JV System and Remote Dutch Betting available using the race Researcher data, we may have seemed equally confident, and then hit a couple of unexpected months of ups and downs, but it's a fact that nothing ever progressed to a better state by applying entropy.

Let me give you an example of how I see the JV System and Remote Dutch Betting launch, and where I see it in a couple of years from that point.

I know I'm a bit of a geek with this example, but proud of the fact as its served me well over the years having some techie knowledge.

August 2016 a computer game was released called No Man's Sky, and it was eagerly anticipated.

stoic nature

This game was created by Hello Games, a small independent studio that had a vision to do something completely unique and amazing that had never been seen before in the gaming world.

Shaun Murray one of the founders, which I largely relate to with the JV and RDB System release, he'd done the rounds on all the media platforms, You Tube, demonstrated the development version of the game at trade shows, and answered a load of questions about it to the media.

I have to state here that everything he claimed would be included in the game is now available for everyone who bought it, and in fact much more in the present version at time of writing.

However, at release things did not go 100% to plan, and the actual version of No Man's Sky didn't have all the features initially discussed, and suffered some performance problems.

Had Shaun Murray lied about the game, well no not really as he knew these things would be included, and was possibly being given information from his team to confirm they would be at launch.

Taking an idea to an actual product is something most people will never actually experience, and especially an IT related product.

The amount of things you need to consider that don't even exist until after launch seem like a never ending list of surprises, and it takes a specific mindset to succeed in this market.

No Man's Sky was released as a AAA title, which for those not in the know with this sort of thing, that's a major production release both on the Playstation as a flagship game, and on PC to begin with, the Xbox version followed a couple of years later.

I remember at the time watching some of the live streams of the game, and seeing a lot of disappointment, with some obvious differences to the development version touted around pre launch, but being venomously blurted out by You Tubers vying for the popular traffic key word search algorithm thingy ma bob.

At this stage both Shaun Murray and myself differ a bit, as he seemingly went in to hiding, although you'll find that in fact he wasn't hiding at all but instead doing what he needed to do considering the vast public exposure to fix the problem.

I have not gone in to hiding as you know, and I'm quite openly available while developing both RDB and JV to fix any initial teething issues.

No Man's Sky defied all the critics who panned the game and Shaun Murray. As within a matter of months released its first patch for the game that truly fixed the buggy problems, but also added new features that were initially discussed pre release.

The game began having regular updates sent to each customer electronically, and most of all free of charge.

These updates took what was initially a bit disappointing but obviously showing a lot of potential, to a game that now exceeds everyone's expectations.

To give you some insight, the game operates within a procedural generated universe that allows players to travel the galaxy and explore, meet each other, get in to adventures, follow various story lines, or just go off and do whatever you like. It now also has VR capabilities for increased immersion, and all types of battle and exploration features included that far exceed the initial proposal.

Shaun Murray didn't hide from the responsibility of delivering on his promises, or let the public scrutiny and critics dictate what he ultimately has created with No Man's Sky. He has stuck to his vision for the game, and done what he needed to in order to make this game a reality far beyond what anyone could have initially envisaged.

Sometimes we need to be single minded and ignore the noise around us to get from A to Z with a project.

I take inspiration from Hello Games and No Man's Sky, as this company could have shut up shop and left this game in its initial release state, or just released a simple patch fix to satisfy the consumer governing authority, and left if there.

Instead they have since released eight major updates to the game that have transformed it for all customers, and as stated at no extra cost.

The initial hype and disappointment at release could have destroyed the company, and the game, but through sheer power of will and desire to prove that what they had created was valid, but could also deliver on all promises with much more, they proved everyone wrong.

Which in this day and age is a refreshing change considering this is a small independent team of programmers, when the huge organisations in the industry are renowned for screwing people with in game purchases and lack luster rehashed productions.

Exponential Bet is a small independent, and when we produce new content it's from a small team. I can relate to the experience of working on a project that has attracted a lot of interest, then at release isn't running exactly as predicted but shows bags of potential.

I can also relate to the stoic nature of Hello Games in the face of adversity, and the desire to complete the project to a much high level than anyone expected.

The sheer effort and volume of work that's gone in to producing the JV and RDB Systems when I think about it is incredible, which over the timeline since the initial concepts where discussed have come such a long way, but in actual fact we're still very much early days from release.

From the Cloud Bet Bot programming and system development, ironing out bugs to find better ways of operating this online software to do what we want it to do, while handling hundreds of emails each day when everyone bought at once, has been a huge test for us, and now thankfully we can see the wood for the tree's again.

The comparison between the JV and RDB launch and No Man's Sky I think is obvious, as we will also do everything possible to move both of these services to a state that exceeds everyone's expectations.

As with No Man's Sky it will come over a series of updates adding fixes, improvements, and of course new features, which at no time will we ever ask any member to pay extra.

The current services are set up and operating close to a level that will deliver on the initial predictions, and Remote Dutch Betting which is my baby specifically has definitely turned a corner recently.

Both the Dutch staking strategy and Straight have seen the drawdown slow, and started showing some upward growth.

Today's being a good example with a horse winning for Straight betting at odds of 11.5 showing a 7 point profit overall on the day, and 26% for the winning Dutch stake bet.

This level of winning days will now become more frequent for the Remote Dutch Betting service.

With the new year brings new features, but also improvements in the quality of racing, as launching in November and December has been useful I have to admit from an educational perspective, but from a racing schedule point of view not ideal.

This valuable learning period however has given us a distinct edge heading in to 2020 for both services, and these will continue to receive the right updates to progress them to the final point of completion we know they are capable of reaching.

No Man's Sky as a game now is exceptional, it's feature rich and provides an incredible experience for its users. The JV and RDB Systems will do the same for its members, and over deliver with each major update until I'm satisfied they have tipped the scales.

I've learned a lot running this site about releasing services, having some success and failures. It's vital for anyone to know when to quit and when more effort is required, and I think I'm becoming better at judging how to apply my time and effort into projects that return value for my members.

Remote Dutch Betting I've been involved with for a long time now, developing this with Nigel Dove, and moving it from an idea to a working system online. The timing came at a good time with the demise of racing multiples on Betfair decommissioning.

My next blog post Automated vs Manual Betting will shed some revealing insights in to the process of creating this system, which I'll have published over the next few days in the blog.

The drive I have to get RDB running to its optimum will never go away, and I know Keith is the same with the JV System.

This applies to all Exponential Bet services over 2020, Trading, Auto Dutch, JV System, and Remote Dutch Betting.

I've no desire to hide or just leave things as they are middling along, I want these services as stated to over deliver, and I know they are very capable of doing exactly that...

Moving on to my new 'Betting For A Living' project I'm looking to have online (weather permitting with the snow scheduled in Jan and Feb affecting racing) by the end of Feb 2020, this is a completely new concept to share what it takes to make an income from your betting or trading activity.

The thing that's become completely obvious since I began running Exponential Bet, and amplified tenfold since the release of RDB and JV, is that people want to make enough from betting to quit work.

However, the site initially was not set up to deliver this type of advice. It's a long term betting system approach, and as such it's set up to deliver an annual percentage on your investment.

BSP Multiples being a good example of this as the first service to launch on the site in 2017 with its own PDF guide, and subscription options. Set up to return an annual yield for those with that mindset, and given it was based on the racing multiple section could accommodate the larger investment.

I'll cover more on 'Betting For A Living' in future posts, but as the name suggests this domain and service is geared towards creating the sort of returns on your investment that you can use as an actual income. To be continued as they say...

That's enough from me for now, I'll publish the Automated vs Manual Betting blog asap over the next few days.

I'm away from my desk for a couple of days now so you will get that annoying out of office reply if you email, but I always do my best to reply on my phone or tablet asap.



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