Exponential Bet News 25/2/20

It's been nearly two months since my previous news post on the 28th December, and for good reason.

I've never had such a break from blogging since launching the website. Within my previous post I did go into detail about the work being done to introduce significant updates for all services, which are either now up and running, or scheduled for early March to complete the line up.

This should I hope give you some idea what I've been up to, but I will explain exactly why I've been so quiet as I've a lot I want to share on this.

Let me first start by covering recent news over a series of updates, as there is simply too much for one blog post.

Remote Dutch Betting has been renamed as Remote Daily Betting, and re engineered as a lay betting service to replace the original backing method of Dutch betting.

With a lay bet we're still covering the field like a Dutch, and with a profit on the horses I want to include in the win side of the bet, but it's just one lay bet instead of several back bets, which is a far better way of doing it.

This has been on the cards for many months as a solution to even out the Dutch bets, ie equal profit across each selected horse, but adding this change to the service has given it so much more than initially expected from when we began working on a solution.

We do get there in the end with these things, it just takes a bit of time and development sometimes. It is better to be actively trying to get things right and moving forward making progress, as opposed to forever ruminating without action. I've a lot more to write about this subject, but will save it for another post.

Getting back to why we switched from backing as a Dutch to lay betting, as setting it up this way does cure the issue of uneven Dutch bets, which was a constant hassle when using the traditional backing style.

It affects us more than if you're placing a backing Dutch yourself directly, as we need to place hundreds of members bets at once, and in some races there are many horses to cover all live to the exchange.

If you try and imagine the amount of money this gets sucked up in the live market when the bets go on, and the impact it had on the odds combined with the other activity in each race from people generally betting and trading as normal, it proved to be a nightmare placing the Dutch bets this way.