Expo News 9th August

The results are now up to date for all Automated Betting Strategies.

To locate and examine the results select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

Then select the strategy you wish view and you will find the detailed results, monthly numbers, and Ratchet figures included all up to date there for each service.

Before I begin today's news update I need to point out that if you're looking to operate more than one betting strategy at Exponential Bet the One Subscription plan is the one for you as it is far more cost effective, and offers a few different membership options.

You can find out more about the One Plan via the Join page available here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/betting-system-sign-up

I mentioned this because I know some people miss this when signing up then upgrade later, so I've now added a note by each sign up section for the services to try and make sure this is no longer missed. My bad, I should have done that sooner.

For a while now I've been raving about Racing Lays saying it's on the rise, and in my previous news blog it was highlighted as my one to watch strategy.

Racing Lays High over the past seven days betting with exchange straight (ie fixed stake) selected returned +6.66 points profit.

While not a prolific amount of money and not the best week the service has ever had, it's still a profit with just 4 losing bets from 31 placed, and 87% strike rate with only 8.14 points drawdown to deal with over the week.