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Expo News 9th August

The results are now up to date for all Automated Betting Strategies.

To locate and examine the results select Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

Then select the strategy you wish view and you will find the detailed results, monthly numbers, and Ratchet figures included all up to date there for each service.

Before I begin today's news update I need to point out that if you're looking to operate more than one betting strategy at Exponential Bet the One Subscription plan is the one for you as it is far more cost effective, and offers a few different membership options.

You can find out more about the One Plan via the Join page available here:

I mentioned this because I know some people miss this when signing up then upgrade later, so I've now added a note by each sign up section for the services to try and make sure this is no longer missed. My bad, I should have done that sooner.

For a while now I've been raving about Racing Lays saying it's on the rise, and in my previous news blog it was highlighted as my one to watch strategy.

Racing Lays High over the past seven days betting with exchange straight (ie fixed stake) selected returned +6.66 points profit.

While not a prolific amount of money and not the best week the service has ever had, it's still a profit with just 4 losing bets from 31 placed, and 87% strike rate with only 8.14 points drawdown to deal with over the week.

4 winning days from 6 in total as the strategy option runs from Monday to Sunday, and a winning bet run of 9.

Bearing in mind this is lay betting in the win market a minute before the race commences, so there is a lot of liquidity about in the market at that moment.

When we zoom out of the results from last week to include numbers from the 1st June 2021 to the 8th August you can see why I've highlighted this service as one to watch.

Since the most recent trend analysis things have been looking bright for Racing Lays.

A trend analysis is carried out automatically by the bot to filter any long term damaging selections within each strategy, and include minor gradual improvements while maintaining the same selection rules, but in a state of continual subtle improvement according to racing industry changes.

For example, jockey performance, retirement, trainer operations, track changes, rules, seasons etc, all done by the bot but adhering to the foundation of selection processes programmed within it. Sorry I'm entering geeksville.

Racing Lays is on the way to reach the +300 points threshold again since inception, and then push past this over the coming weeks and months to a new profit high, setting new targets and goals.

The fact its shown potential to hit a run as shown from June with win after win makes this a special lay betting strategy.

Even when things don't go our way as you can see during July and last week, the strategy recovers and moves in the right direction again steadily.

It's a service to add to the portfolio as the signals I've been pointing out over the past couple of months have returned a profit, and if you got on when I highlighted this your balance would have been boosted.

You can find out more about Racing Lays here:

Place Back Multi continued to increase the balance last week, and even with losing days returned a decent profit on the week with

The results below show Place Back Multi from the 1st December 2020 to 8th August 2021.

Like all the strategies the graph shows varying periods of both growth, decline, or just middling along until we hit a run of relevant winners over the months, but if you draw a line from start to end where we're at now, it's a diagonal line representing continual upward growth.

Place Lay Multi continued to be the stand out strategy over last weeks betting.

The image above shows the exchange straight lay betting approach with the strategy from the 2nd to 8th August with the service operating seven days a week.

As exchange straight is exchange only the MTP figures are valid here in this example, with BSP only for reference purposes.

We recorded +19.22 points profit over the week, peaking just under 25 points but had 2 losing days from the 7 which you can see in the stats and graph,

39 races bet in total and 102 actual bets as the strategy places multiple lay bets in qualifying races, hence the name.

The ROI at 18.84 I found particularly impressive, and the low drawdown considering the bet volume for lay betting.

Here is the detailed overview for Place Lay Multi from the 1st December 2020 to 8th August 2021 laying with exchange straight selected.

Both multi services for place betting backing and laying continue to show a lot of potential for incredible growth over the years to come.

You can find out more about the Place Betting services here:

The place single service is not performing as well as it did during it's initial operations, but has been under trend analysis weekly for the past couple of months, and from today a set of filters were applied to reduce drawdown over 50% of where it is, and capitalize on the winning days a lot more.

I'm quietly confident Place Lay Single will now over the months ahead begin returning a steady profit and feel today's trend filter has got to the root of why the strategy has been just missing the target. Showing a lot of potential, but throwing away winning days.

Like all of the strategies it won't win all the time and will need periods to recover and push on, but looking at the data I'm now happy with what the bot has identified and filtered in there.

Additionally, the Place Back Multi option today also had a low odds filter included that reduces drawdown, but stops very low odds selections being included that overall have a negative effect.

They also cause a bit of a fluctuation when betting using Target Profit, so this prevents this and keeps the strategy working better and more robust. It changes nothing with the selections and just skims about 1% off from the very low odds horses that really we could do without backing.

Historically the numbers look a lot better with this in place, and drawdown again is slashed which is what I like to see.

I monitor all services and the trend analysis operations tend to run each quarter, but in some cases can be triggered sooner, which is the case with Bet Advantage, Lay Dutching, and Place Lay Single which are under a more regular monitoring.

I'll leave it there today as I could go on and on discussing the operations of the automated strategies, but I'd like to point you towards Place Lay Multi 1% Ratchet results which over the current quarter are phenomenal, and that's not a word I use every day.

Sure Favs Main also had a very good week last week, and is a selective strategy with low drawdown that will over the years keep edging upward.

Before I go and just to update everyone waiting for In Play Bet Club, we're hoping to have an offer accepted on a new house that will give me the most amazing office facilities.

If I get this confirmed over the next day or two with the usual back and forth with the estate agents, I'll then be packing up the remains of my office and readying for the move.

Once I'm in the new place all going to plan there is a room ready made to begin operations for the in play club, while I insulate and decorate the final destination for my main studio and work space.

As soon as I have a firm ETA and I know broadband is in the new house (if offer is accepted of course) I'll let you know and we can start planning to get this started, as I'm excited to get it in my weekly routine and provide this for a limited number of members.

Right that's definitely me for now. Thanks for reading, I'll be back with another update next week.


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