Expo News 11th October

Thank you for the great response to last weeks news post, which genuinely surprised me as it was mostly me sounding off about staking, money management, and the betting mindset.

I wrote about the importance of setting up your betting bank properly from the start, and letting it run without dipping in and out, dabbling, tweaking, and generally messing around with the process, as that will never work out well over the long term.

I shared examples of how things can run over time with these betting strategies, and tried to drive the point home on how important it is to succeed long term, and to achieve the same reported results as myself.

This means not to tinkering with your betting strategies and having staking set according to my recommended points allocations.

The post last week opened the flood gates for members to get in touch and ask me to check their set up.

If you want to read last weeks blog you can find it here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/post/expo-news-4th-october

I'd say 90% of the accounts I checked were all good, the bets matched my own albeit the odd one or two that had been affected by a Betfair outage, or lapsed unmatched bet, but that is the caveat of exchange betting.

Generally though all as expected for everyone following the strategies, with some adjustments to include new bet options and broaden the investment fund.

I'm happy to do this for any member, and will provide more content to make it clearer to set up properly from the start very soon. This is a matter of priority for me.

Here is a message I received from a member named Ram last week. It sums up exactly what I was ranting about in my previous news post,

'Just logged onto my account to see how multi-lay is performing. All tracking as per your predictions. Negative movement for 3-4 days, then equalize, and profit by +10 points. All across 10 days. Relating your informed rant, if somebody joins at the wrong end of a curve, experiences downward swing and panics, cancels and moves on, they miss out on moving from red to black. Shame really, as the law of big numbers needs time to work through'.

This is a great example, and the screenshot above gives a clear demonstration of how a bet period can look like using Place Lay Multi with the Exchange Straight option selected.

The results for Place Lay Multi both bet type options for last week are available below, and include a sneak peak at the code that goes into making the selections behind the scenes. You can see this in the centre column.