Automated vs Manual Pt4

A benefit of providing an online automated service to members compared to locally installed, is that it can be updated and maintained remotely, with bets managed online without the need for a VPS, or to keep members devices turned on running the strategies.

This removes aspects that can cause issues, and makes it all compatible with Mac, PC, and mobile Android and Apple phones, tablets, which is a massive bonus.

My initial experience operating the cloud service started with remotely placing the bets manually to member accounts, and this blog post today will give you some insight in to the growing pains we went through at that time, essential development for us to reach the smooth operating platform we have today.

However, for me it was another personal journey I want to share, as it taught me a lot about planning, and accepting new tasks in to my routine that would subsequently overload me.

A Remote Dutch Betting service that was designed specifically to handle hundreds of member bets, all placed at once over the cloud to the Betfair exchange, was the original idea for cloud betting at Exponential Bet.

I'd put these bets on for members via my cloud admin panel, and they would be placed a couple of minutes pre-race.

The cloud set up was designed to add my selections to all member Betfair exchange accounts within seconds.

I can go through a race card each day and make a profit, if I'm left alone to study and bet on the exchange I will make a very good living this way, so to run a service I could share with members that placed my daily bets seemed like the perfect plan.

What I wanted was to have a hands on platform that could replicate the bets I make, without interrupting my selection process getting the bets matched for everyone.

Actually attempting this in a very personal way, ie running a subscription service where members have direct contact with me before, during, and after bets have been placed was a completely different story.

The second I'd place a bet emails would flood in asking if this was correct, or reporting the issue explained in my previous posts about uneven Dutch bets occurring, sometimes five page emails with screen shots asking me to stop now and examine to confirm all was correct.

I do get this, and understand as a member you want to check everything is working correctly, I'm not being a moaning bastard (again), just explaining that from my side this contributed to killing the entire concept of me placing these bets remotely like this.