Automated vs Manual Pt3

Tonight’s post highlight’s some big differences with using local software compared to online, and my transition from providing downloadable options to 100% online.

Anyone running an online bet or trade platform will have different challenges compared to users downloading and operating the software on their own computer.

As an example, if you're using local software running on your PC, then setting up a VPS (virtual private server) is an extra but essential cost in my opinion, especially if planning to leave your downloaded betting software running unattended.

Imagine if your daily profit depended on the software placing a bet and your home computer crashed, or suddenly decided to go to sleep mode not placing the bet and leaving you with a minus.

If you’re running big numbers through the exchange this would be a difficult pill to swallow, and you’ve got no come back at all with the software provider, or with Betfair.

Even running a small stakes betting system for testing purposes, should the software stop you’re going to be annoyed and potentially out of pocket.

Reliability with software, and how it runs when it comes to betting or any type of financial investment is the number one cause of extreme frustration using these tools.

You would be none too impressed obviously should it go tits up and you lose money, so a VPS means your virtual PC will stay running even if your house got hit by a meteorite while you were in the local coffee shop, at work, running a lap, whatever you get up to away from the computer.

Another thing you must consider when running software on your computer, is having to manually update the program. Each download of the software can leave some users on older versions, and as such create havoc with an automated betting process.

This for me was the downfall of the locally ran software we created, the nail in the coffin, because it had to place bets in a certain order and strict criteria for members running these strategies.

Just a quick history back track, automated systems at Exponential Bet began running using downloaded software. They were early access development systems set up to run automated locally on members computers all around the world.

This meant if a bug fix for the software was rolled out it had to be applied ac