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+77.84 BSP Points Bet Focus

Bet Focus with Straight Betting selected within the bot yesterday returned a profit of +77.84 points for BSP and +56.10 points using Exchange (MTP).

betting bot

Bet Focus is an automated betting strategy that operates using Cloud Bet Bot.

This was flat staking 1 point per horse in each selected race with no ratchet selected.

That's an astonishing profit for a single day automated betting, and for the members who bet using these settings from your emails received last night and this morning I can tell you're delighted.

The green line from the graph shows BSP and the blue line of course Exchange (MTP) results.

In this instance above you can see BSP did better than Exchange (MTP) by +21.74 points. This does not paint the whole picture when comparing the two bet options over a longer timeframe.

horse racing betting

When you look at the image above covering the 1.6.20 to 1.12.20, the stats to the top left show that running this automated strategy using the Straight Betting option requires good money management with a sensible points balance.

I'd recommend you set at circa 300 points to begin if Straight Betting following this service.

This is because the drawdown for BSP betting is 110.54 points over this timeframe and 90.75 points using Exchange (MTP).

Whatever the point value set yesterday for members good planning with the staking and patience paid off.

The losing days recorded have been 65 as you can see in the stats with 63 winning days.

BSP returning +376.67 points and Exchange (MTP) returning +456.30 points profit, and as stated this is flat using 1 point per horse with no ratchet applied in these results.

What is obvious looking at the graph is that yesterday's winning day was definitely prolific at +77.84 points for Bet Focus, but it's not the best yet with much higher periods recorded historically along the timeline.

If you just joined the service and began betting using this method you are off to a flyer.

You can see over the timeline backing using the Exchange (MTP) option has returned +79.63 more points profit than BSP.

This will of course change over time but that is quite a disparity to take note.

I just thought I'd share this good day yesterday and the additional Exchange (MTP) and BSP comparisons.

A word of caution as I don't want you looking at this through rose tinted glasses.

These are long term betting strategies, and you can clearly see the strike rate is 38.70% at this moment.

We don't win every day and it is not a consistent steady line of growth guaranteeing monthly incomes, this is very much variable, and the graphs with stats represent both winning and losing periods.

It's very important to set up your points staking correctly from the start so you can reap the rewards over the months and years ahead.

betting system

The graph and stats above show Bet Focus being applied using the Target Profit option over the same timeline 1.6.20 to 1.12.20.

This is another way to bet with Bet Focus, and the more cautious steady approach available for members using Target Profit.

It's a unique betting option that aims for the target amount set by members on each selection in every chosen race.

It comes with a very low drawdown as you can see in single digits over the betting period published here for both BSP just 6.52 and Exchange (MTP) at 5.68.

Given the timeframe and volume of bets this is a very low risk strategy with Target Profit selected.

Returning +41.26 points for BSP and +45.67 points using Exchange (MTP) in just over 5 months at such a low risk level is impressive.

Members looking for this style of betting possibly to invest larger amounts safe and steady, or to build a smaller amount gradually while building confidence in the service, this is a good option that will work with a 100 points start up.

If you can handle the bigger drawdown periods and operate a larger points balance, the Straight Betting option can obviously return a lot more, and this is without covering the Ratchet Staking option built in to the bot.

For more info please drop me an email directly to

If you want more info about Bet Focus and the various subscription options you can find the service page here:

If you're looking for more info about setting up a points balance, how to manage a bet bank with these strategies, and much more you will find answers at the Frequently Asked Questions page here:



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