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+45.88 Points Profit in Two Weeks

From the 1st August we announced new data would be used across all the Automated Strategies.

Since then and up to end of last week, the 13th, operating all of the strategy options you could run as a One Subscription member concurrently, and using 1 point per bet as standard with the direct to the Betfair exchange option selected (MTP), we have accumulated +45.88 points profit.

Allowing for liquidity, odds movement, and of course commission variance for each member, and depending what country you're in for example.

The stats and graphs for this are at the base of the blog.

This is a significant upward turn with our profit since the data upload, and I expect this to continue indefinitely.

If you're considering joining, now is the best time to get started.

If you're an existing member, and been riding out the ups and downs waiting for the next big profit swell, as that is typically how it's been since we began, then you can look forward to enjoying steady progression overall, with a sizeable performance bump across the coming six to twelve months. Make sure your staking is in order is my advice.

Not all the strategies have lifted off yet to start bringing in the big numbers, but some are already in to double figure profit within two weeks. They will all make a decent return on investment over six to twelve months and beyond.

Here is a rundown of how we're doing so far from the 1/8/23 to 13/8/23.

Bet Focus +7.45

Racing Lays +0.24

Sure Favs Main +10.24

Sure Favs Foundation 13.15

Place Lay Multi +8.82

Place Lay Single -8.04

Place Back Multi +11.19

Sure Favs High +2.83

= 45.88 Profit

I typically focus on the longer term with these betting strategies, and not daily or weekly stats.

However, since there has just been a major update to the selection criteria, I'm highlighting the performance regularly at the moment as I do not want anyone to miss out.

The first two weeks betting results are a clear signal the update has been introduced, so please do not look back in three, six, twelve months time, and regret that you missed this opportunity.

If you have used these services before, and possibly joined during a dip in performance, then quit the service with a bad opinion, I would advise you put that aside and do not let it influence your decision to begin using the services again now.

They all operate completely new selection filters, so previous results have nothing to do whatsoever with what is happening now.

You still need a long term betting mindset, and I'm not promoting foolish betting here. I do not want anyone reading these signals and diving in with money they cannot afford to use, as there will be ups and downs over the months for all options.

You can see that already with Racing Lays and Place Lay Single for example starting slow or on a dip, but they will all end on a high.

It's having the mindset to prepare for that process, and the dips along the way, that will lead you to success over the coming months and years with these services.

I'm confident the switch with this new data has done the trick, as it opened up new avenues to filter the bet selections daily I'd never previously had access.

I still do not want madness betting, ie chasing losses, going big when it's good, and small when it's not, which leads to missing the balance swell periods, and that leads to quitting and bitterness.

I want you to enjoy the long term betting process, but most of all reap the benefit of the profit.

My advice is to join if you're not already, invest an amount you can afford, set up your staking with one point value per strategy, or select the strategies that spark your interest, and let it go untouched for a good three, six, or ideally twelve months. Then re assess, and you can withdraw, or re invest.

I'll keep you posted here in the blog of our progress, and on the results page. I am also available for any stake advice before you get started.

If you're already a member, make sure your stake is set to the amount you can afford, and it's in line with the expectations you had when you joined, and as advised above, let it run without tinkering.

You can find all the joining options here:

On a side note, Sure Favs Main and Foundation now bet below evens, so if you're betting target profit, I'd advise to stop that and switch to exchange straight or BSP.

You do not want to be betting below evens with target profit selected, the risk outweighs the reward. The new data import is set up for straight staking with the backing strategies using evens or above.

However, Place Back Multi still has the minimum odds criteria of evens, so you can leave that option selected if you prefer it to exchange straight or BSP.

Sure Favs High and Bet Focus all bet above evens as standard, so they can also be left if you prefer target profit.

Okay, that's it from me.

Here are the past two weeks stats and graphs for all Automated Strategies.

Sure Favs Main

betfair betting

Sure Favs Foundation

bet betfair

Sure Favs High

betfair favourite

Bet Focus

big winners

Racing Lays

lay betting

Place Lay Multi

place betting

Place Lay Single

place lay betting

Place Back Multi

place market bet



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