Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm.... Kenny Powers

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This perfectly sums up how life and business can be sometimes...

I'll come back to this quote at the end and explain why it's the subject of today's post.

Firstly, I need to cover Remote Dutch Betting using Cloud Bet Bot (CBB), and then Automated Dutch Betting using Expo Bot V1.

CBB is a web based platform that operates in the cloud. It's also a Betfair licensed product so you can feel secure using it.

cloud bet bot

Any service that asks for your personal Betfair login info I advise giving a wide birth.

In a nutshell, CBB allows me to place bets or trades direct to multiple member accounts on the betting exchange simultaneously.

This of course removes the need for me to send emails, and for you to react to the emailed advice as covered in yesterday's blog. This creates scope to place bets or trades just minutes before a race jumps.

The benefit of this is obvious, as a lot can happen in the final minutes before a race jumps.

CBB has been created by a developer that's responsible for many betting and trading products in the market place, such as Hedger Pro. Which I feature at Exponential Bet, and will also be integrating with my Trade Guide V5 later this year.

Remote Dutch Betting is the first service of mine to introduce CBB. You can find out more about Remote Dutch Betting here, and view my recent result breakdown.