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Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm.... Kenny Powers

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

This perfectly sums up how life and business can be sometimes...

I'll come back to this quote at the end and explain why it's the subject of today's post.

Firstly, I need to cover Remote Dutch Betting using Cloud Bet Bot (CBB), and then Automated Dutch Betting using Expo Bot V1.

CBB is a web based platform that operates in the cloud. It's also a Betfair licensed product so you can feel secure using it.

cloud bet bot

Any service that asks for your personal Betfair login info I advise giving a wide birth.

In a nutshell, CBB allows me to place bets or trades direct to multiple member accounts on the betting exchange simultaneously.

This of course removes the need for me to send emails, and for you to react to the emailed advice as covered in yesterday's blog. This creates scope to place bets or trades just minutes before a race jumps.

The benefit of this is obvious, as a lot can happen in the final minutes before a race jumps.

CBB has been created by a developer that's responsible for many betting and trading products in the market place, such as Hedger Pro. Which I feature at Exponential Bet, and will also be integrating with my Trade Guide V5 later this year.

Remote Dutch Betting is the first service of mine to introduce CBB. You can find out more about Remote Dutch Betting here, and view my recent result breakdown.

best dutch betting system

You'll notice on the Dutch Betting page I've created a single subscription option just for Remote Dutch Betting and for One Dutch which are both £19.99 PCM.

To offer more choice, but One Dutch is a bet emailed to members five days a week using BSP Multiples.

If you're working 9 - 5 or unable to open your emails between Tuesday to Saturday at midday UK time and then place bets on the exchange, One Dutch probably is not for you, and the reason I've separated the subscriptions.

I've still kept a value option if you want to include both, or opt for the yearly subscription that includes the Dutch Guide.

Remote Dutch Betting now opens up the opportunity for anybody to follow this service, as once you've registered, logged in and set your staking, the bets are placed remotely to your account. With no need to monitor them or have your PC, Mac, or Mobile logged in or turned on.

At this moment we're in the final couple of weeks pre release for this new service, but you have the option to join now and help us test the set up in the run up to official release.

We're just laying the ground work to accommodate all new users, but the platform itself is very user friendly and easy to set up.

You've a choice of three staking plans to confirm in your own dashboard within CBB, flat staking, percentage of bank, and ratchet. I then place the Dutch bets that qualify, and they follow your saved staking plan.

It's not a beta service in test phase as I've been Dutch betting for years this way, but I've never had a facility to post the bets to members this way, just minutes pre race.

CBB is a game changer without question, with the fact bets or trades can be placed instantly to member accounts not only free's up my time, but I can use the data I'm seeing as the horses are going to post, and concentrate on this without moving to my inbox, then trying to translate this quickly for members, who then need to attempt to place the same bet or trade, and so on..

CBB removes all of this.. When too much is going on mistakes can happen, and going from one thing to another while losing time and sometimes opportunities, creates too much of a grey area.

For anything that requires a quick reaction to the information, posting over Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook etc is always going to carry some lag.

It's not impossible depending on the market, sport, timing etc, as Trade On Sports manages this successfully, but for horses going to post using CBB this is an all round complete solution to get the bets I want to place in to my member accounts.

I can place the bet or trade in to the market without any personal distraction, my members then get this placed for them in an instant. What's not to like about this...

Auto Dutch Beta is a system was made available in December 2018, and runs using a completely automated set up with Expo Bot V1, which is a downloaded software product and licensed Betfair API.

You can run Auto Dutch manually with Fairtbot requiring stop at a profit to be applied when you hit target, or each Dutch to be placed 10 mins pre race using the calculator or strategy file provided.

Like CBB completely secure and giving members full control of their staking, but with some customization settings to boot. A very clever piece of bespoke kit that is still in its infancy, as only released in March 2019.

I'm presently assessing whether stop at a profit or running the entire card for Auto Dutch Beta work best, and as stated from the very beginning I lean toward stop at a profit being the better option of the two.

Expo Bot runs this from default with Auto Dutch module set up to stop when 0.5 of target profit is met each day (which takes in to account commission charges over a betting period, and why it's not set to 1 point).

With over 143 betting days we're presently £438.33 in profit using just a £10 target stake per bet.

The staking in fact is made up of a clever formula that in most cases reduces liability to below the £10 target, and can maximize in certain situations when the bets win.

You can see this for yourself in the screenshot of Saturday's (22/6/19) betting sequence below, which finished +£19.38.

dutch betting system

This is how we finished tonight with the racing just finished before publishing this post, Tuesday 25th June 2019 +£31.16.

automated betting system

You can find a full breakdown of the stop at a profit bets available here:

Stop at a Profit

567 Bets

£438.33 Profit

Run The Eve

1804 Bets

£231.16 Profit

What's both interesting and appealing with these numbers is that it's pre race betting, so the staking can handle much higher amounts. Instead of £10 target stake you could have used a £100 for example, and had no trouble getting matched, even though it's exchange based.

The clever built in staking system with Expo Bot helps with this, and if doing it manually using Fairbot, well you're in complete control of course and can judge a market, going large or being sensible.

It's important to make this comparison of the two betting styles, as from the offset it looked like running the entire eve card was the better option, but as my experience showed with this the stop at a profit method is at this point looking like the stand out.

This is obvious of course with less than a third of the bets placed, nearly twice as much profit, means less liability for more balance growth using stop at a profit.

With any betting or trading plan a few months data is actually very little in the grand scheme, it's a tiny data spread, and when building anything worthwhile that will be applied long term, both a good amount of back testing needs to be assessed, but more importantly a solid run of actual live testing needs to take place to have the right level of confidence before making a service official.

Running the eve could still end the testing phase with more banked, but it's not all about this when developing a system, it's about confidence in the betting or trading process as well.

Neither approach has ever come close to putting the initial investment in any danger, with run the eve having the worst of it dropping a few hundred pounds, but bounced back and recovered the loss to get back in profit.

Stop at a profit method hasn't had the same challenge, and although it's taking a while to break the £500 barrier, it's still under 5 months of actual betting days (as we lose days with no eve racing), and for a flat staking fully automated set and forget system 43.8% profit growth is actually pretty good for no daily work involved.

I've seen members of this service come and go, some joining and leaving after a few bets if they join on losing days, but I ask you what's the point of this... How can anyone enjoy the ups if constantly leaving on the downs. Same applies to everything in life.

I've zero guarantee's any strategy won't hit a losing run when you join, especially with fully automated systems running using software and in beta. In fact I've been asked this question would you believe, actually received an email which questions 'what if I join during an unlucky run?', I mean how the f**k can anyone answer these things!?

The selection methods and processes I use are built on solid data, and for Auto Dutch Beta spanning back a few years now, as I've been stretching this data search since I began as it's a system built on nothing but logic and math.

You need a long term investing mindset to both succeed, and before you embark on anything involving putting your money in, you need to acknowledge the rub. You can read more about this in a post I published a while back here:

What I like about Auto Dutch Beta is the speed of growth and recovery for a fully automated system, as I never feel like I'm pushing a rock up hill to watch it roll down again.

I'm confident that over the coming months and years this is a keeper in the betting portfolio, but also when I include a data set I'm using to increase strike for In Play Beta, this system will really take off. The strike rate will increase and both stop at a profit and run the eve methods will benefit from faster more robust balance growth.

You can subscribe to Expo Bot V1, and either purchase Auto Dutch Beta as a stand alone module to run with it automated or manual (with instructions provided), or part of a module pack. Find out more here.

Now I've free'd up the time to get back to working on system development with my latest site update, these things will begin progressing again, but so far so good for Auto Dutch Beta.

Which brings me to what I've updated on the site recently, and what's scheduled.

Done in recent 23rd June site update:

  • Simplified memberships to easily understand what's included.

  • Created subscription options giving more value and services included.

  • Set the site up to focus on the bet & trade systems that will make us all the most profit. This has meant removing or pausing some services, and grouping others as Expo Bot modules, which are set up as time saving set and forget services.

  • Auto Dutch, Trading, One Dutch, and Remote Dutch Betting results brought up to date.

  • Optimized site for mobile devices (which took the longest out of all the jobs, this made me want to have a hissy fit).

  • Tidied all layouts, fonts, sizing etc, the boring but necessary stuff, and got rid of a lot of unused pages slowing the site load time.

  • Included a subscription option for Remote Dutch Betting, which is active now as early access for a week or two before official launch.

  • Added Hedger Pro and Trade On Sports pages for result progress tracking. I'll link my blog, social media, and You Tube activity for these services on these pages to make them easy to follow.

  • Made updating results and service sections much faster.

Scheduled For Remainder of 2019:

  • In Play Beta V2 and Auto Football Betting results tables and graphs.

  • Frequently asked questions update.

  • Blog platform for load speed improvement and stability, and more community based.

  • Auto Football Betting module readied for Expo Bot in August.

  • Trade Guide V5 set up as an online course.

  • Hedger Pro integration to the Trade Guide V5.

  • Focus Ratings integration in to Hedger Pro.

  • Continued regular blog and You Tube posts including, Hedger Pro & Trade On Sports.

  • You Tube and blog content for my Slant posts.

  • Official version release for In Play Beta & Auto Dutch Beta incorporating new data.

  • New Dutch Guide update.

  • House keeping across all member services.

This is enough for the rest of this year, with all of the above scheduled bullet points to be completed come end of December.

Which brings me to today's quote, 'Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm', by Kenny Powers.

Kenny is a fictional character from a little known HBO comedy Eastbound and Down.

eastbound and down

I remember watching the show and relating to the quote at that time, but never more so than since starting Exponential Bet.

I've stripped away all the things with the site that I feel took my time away from what matters most, which is quite simply making money for my members and myself.

Recording my activity betting and trading become something I found difficult to set the right level of time aside for, as this sort of stuff takes ages. Making new useful content and editing etc, you need days for this type of work, and with a site bogged down carrying too many time consuming routines, convoluted processes, or services I don't need to focus on right now, I was certainly lost in the storm I'd created.

I need to be applying continually improvements to my services, reporting on my activity for members, followers of my blog, and social media posts.

To do this you do need the time, and now I've laid out my site this way with a clear plan for ongoing work around my own activity, I can see the wood for the tree's again.

This has been something I've had to do, and I class it as essential but not interesting work.

Spending time not doing much of my own betting or trading, or creating new content for the site doesn't do my business any immediate good, and it's been incredibly frustrating at times with the techie nonsense, but for long term growth and my own daily routine going forward, this has been a giant step in the right direction.

I'm now officially no longer lost in the storm, but when creating more storm (as I inevitably will), I'll plot a more organized route so I never get lost again...

Probably no blog posts for a few days as I need to work on Remote Dutch Betting, Trade for the new guide and my own pocket, and also contact members to sort out subscription plans. I'll be back at the weekend definitely with another post though.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you've any questions, and I'll get back to you asap.


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