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The Word is Yes

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Nobody likes being told no, or not having things exactly as they want.

If you go for a meal and ask for something to be slightly different with your dish from the menu, and you're told it's not possible, it's highly likely you're not going back to that restaurant.

Whereas if they obliged and gave you what you want, and even charged a little extra to accommodate you but still made the effort to meet your needs, you'd probably return and recommend them to your friends.

I want my members to have the best possible experience, and every question about my site that arrives in my inbox is met with a personal focused response.

I can't always do everything I get asked, but I can't remember ever replying with a direct no, usually at worst it's how can I make it happen with a couple of options or suggestions.

If you're looking at the subscription options thinking I'd like a bit of this or a bit of that within a membership plan, much like my restaurant analogy, or you're an existing member subscribed to a package thinking you'd like to swap services around and tailor your plan to suit, then just drop me an email to and the word of the day will be yes, followed by bespoke solutions with some options.

Take a look at the main menu to see what's available, or the new 'Join' Page which you can locate here:

Just get in touch and I'll always do my best to provide what you're looking for.

I'm presently going through my entire member base making sure everyone is set up on the right plan, and letting One Subscription and All Dutch members know Remote Dutch Betting is officially launched next week, and included in these plans at no extra cost.

I want to keep adding value to each member plan, and is something I've wanted to include for some time.

This clever remote betting method uses Cloud Bet Bot which is a licensed Betfair web based platform.

The login is fully secure, and once staking is saved you're done and dusted. It works on PC, Mac, or Mobile Device, with no VPS required or any need to have your device turned on for it to work.

I mentioned in a recent blog post you can access Remote Dutch Betting now as an early access new user, which helps me finish the final week of testing to iron out some creases ahead of official release.

Sign up is via the Dutch Betting page if this appeals to you, or wait for the finished product next week.

On a final note, I've updated recent results from last week on the site for Auto Dutch Beta, Remote Dutch Betting, One Dutch, and a bit of Trading I managed to fit in.

Any questions as always drop me an email, and I'll get back to you asap.


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